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A New Day for Mat. McHugh

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It was over ten years ago that Mat McHugh mustered up some mates to help lock down some demo's in attempt to get a girls attention. Suddenly the northern beaches surfer was riding a wave of momentum, resulting in the birth of the band The Beautiful Girls. Throughout the last ten years the band has released four studio albums, Learn Yourself (2003), We're Already Gone(2005), Ziggurats (2007) and Spooks (2010) and toured the States, Japan, Canada, Brazil and good old Australia.

Summer 2012, ten years after the band released their first full length album, the band announced they would be calling it a day with Mat stating he would continue to build on the success of the solo albums Separatista (2008) and Love Come Save Me (2012). It lead to fans across the coast saddened, however what did it really mean? Essentially, not much!!! Sure things will have a slight change, but what people did not realise is Mat wrote all the songs for the Beautiful Girls and if anything it was more a pseudonym to hide behind until he felt grown up enough to say, 'Hello, I'm Mat Mchugh and welcome to my show."

Mat McHugh is one of Australia's most under rated talents. Perhaps this is from hiding behind the Beautiful Girls name, but Mat seems to always just be on the cusp of being the next big thing... but something tells me that suits Mat just fine. Having had record contracts offered over the years Mat could quite easily be on Channel V as the Australian Jack Johnson, however that is not for Mat. As clique as it sounds, Mat is certainly a man just doing it for the love of music. This was proven even more so when Mat decided to release his latest solo album completely for free! The result was an overwhelming amount of downloads, sharing and new followers and one refreshing simple chillaxed album.

But giving an album away does not pay the bills and a rejuvenated Mr McHugh is eager to get out and amongst it again with a national tour. Mat will be playing his new album from start to finish as well as mixing in all the fan favourites from his time under the name the Beautiful Girls. If you have not seen Mat McHugh perform live before you certainly won't be disappointed, be sure to catch Mat this summer in these intimate shows;

Written by Bradly Arnold

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