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"Lust At First Sight" Review by Tim Castaneda
"Free Candy" Review by Jason Gallagher
"The Gun EP" Review by Shawn Hallman
"Go Don't Stop" Review by Mike Cotton
"Sleepless Nights" Review by Shawn Hallman
"J Boog EP" Review by Mike Cotton
"Here To Stay" Review by Michael Cotton
"Paua" Review by Michael Cotton
"The Sound" by Review Benjammin Van Lom
"A Better Way" Review by Jason Gallagher
"Tidal Wave" Review by Shawn Hallman
"Dropping In" Review by Mike Cotton
"Speed Kills" Review by Michael Cotton
"Rebelution Show" Review by Shawn Hallman
"Still Gold" Review by Jason Gallagher
"The Melodramatics" Review by Shawn Hallman
"First Light" Review by Benjammin Van Lom
"The Dirty Heads" Review by Shawn Hallman
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