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Having a non-stop touring schedule, time off must feel good. Right now you guys are scheduled to hit the road again in a few weeks. What is it that you do on your time off from tour?
We've actually been in the studio practicing every day we've been home. We are in the process of writing what will most likely be a four song EP called "The Chronicles", and are talking about putting out [independently] in early 2010.

It's also cool to just kick it with our ladies and enjoy great California weather before it gets cooler (for California). You feel me? So we're doing a little relaxing and a lot of writing and practicing.

You are going to be hitting the road with Mike Pinto. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing with bands that have a similar sound to yours, versus playing with bands that sound completely different?
Well first off, this is the second leg of our national tour with Mike. We just split up a six week tour with a break in the middle; I already miss his face. I really like the mix because I personally really dig his songs and his band, we're all good friends. So every night is fun. Watching them play, and then getting to go rip it up ourselves-AWESOME. Over the last year we've taken out Ballyhoo, Mike Pinto, and Josh Fischel. All have been awesome people and bands. I really would like to tour more with a super diverse lineup though. It would be sick to tour with maybe Gym Class Heroes or a band like NOFX where there's a similar feel and vibe to the music. We feel we can play with anyone from a rasta band, to a rippin' punk band, we have explored many genres of music.

I know this isn't a music question, but I believe you guys are huge Lakers fans (like myself). Touring during the playoffs must suck. Are you able to catch the games or do you have to just watch ESPN for the highlights? Also what are your thoughts on Ron Artest?
Nice question!!! I hate the typical interview questions so you're winning the top spot so far. We were actually playing in Denver the night the Nuggets beat us in the playoffs and I still rocked the Lakers Jersey and was exchanging boos and fingers with our fans.. It was pretty fun.. in the end we leave the sports at the door and the shows are all about fun... Smokin', drinkin; and energy balls....P.S. Ron Artest? I think he throws a mean right hook!


What do you think about "mainstream" people loving Sublime but not wanting to find out about more bands in this scene? It seems like all the people who act like they love Sublime, but think its foreign to hear other bands dedicated to this style. How do you feel about this?

Well living in LA I can hear KROQ bumping Sublime all day long and its cool to know people are lovin' it still. But also it sucks because they should be bumping Slightly Stoopid, The b, Dirty Heads, whoever...Until the mainstream takes a hold of what we're all out here doing, then "mainstream" people won't know about it. Keep it underground I don't give a shit-this is the hardest working class of musician out there. It would be nice to see a switchover though with radio and mainstream media to get your average listener a chance at hearing some new reggae rock material.

bfoundationI have listened to your new album "Souvenirs, Novelties, and Party Tricks" more in the past few months than any other album over the years. Josh Fischel co-produced and appeared on the new album. How fun is it working with such a great talent like him? What did he bring differently to this album than previous records?
Josh kept us from falling apart more than anything. He was the glue to that album. I think we may have driven him insane too! We enlisted Josh based on the fact that we love him as a friend and as a peer. He has an insane voice and he can command attention in a coffee shop or a packed theater. He was out on tour with us doing the acoustic thing and he told us how he produced the newest 3rd Alley record. He was stoked on it and wanted us to hear it. Josh even bought the record on iTunes and put it on my computer because his iPod was back in Long Beach. So needless to say he was proud of it. We bumped it a few times and realized for his first job he did a tremendous job. So when we got back from tour and were writing and getting ready to record, we all decided to ask Josh to co-produce. He was stoked, we were stoked. When our engineer quit because he was an emo clown, Josh stepped in and killed it. When we needed a hook for 'Go Away', Josh killed it. When we needed lyrical assistance and pretty much anything, Josh killed it. He also mixed the album with Mike Sutherland over at Total Access Studios while we were out touring. That was a complete headache, and Josh did a great job of communicating with us and getting us our tracks to go over while we were on the road. Great producer. P.S. He owes me lunch!

"Bazooka Joe" is probably one of my favorite tunes on the new album, really a killer surf riff. Where was the inspiration drawn for that song?
Interesting....'Bazooka Joe' is an imaginary guy who was in the army but got a dishonorable discharge for getting caught smoking weed. Then 'Bazooka Joe' found the economy so tough that he couldn't find a job and his unemployment checks only got him enough bud to smoke....Joe starting getting in debt and decided to rob a bank... The day of the robbery he thought he'd eat a brownie from the "shop" to calm his nerves. So he enters the bank and as soon as he's about to get the plan rolling the brownie hits him and his whole world is slurring and in slow crazy motion. (Which is the dub breakdown in the song) then the cops get called and Joe has to make a run from the cops. (i.e., "Ruuuunn") There's a blaze of gunfire as Joe makes his escape, but is shot down in a blaze of glory" Hey dude-you asked!

How would you describe the evolution from the first album to the new one?
Our musicianship has gotten progressively better over the years. We started as a 3-piece band, and most of "Deep End," our first album, was written as a 3-piece. Our lead guitar player had just joined and he kind of wrote his spots on-the- fly in the studio. About a year after that, we got a new drummer and our sound had really come together [in our minds]. We really wanted to record a new album and we weren't really pushing the first album because we felt the new one ("Trouble Standing") was so much better and sounding more like who we thought we were at that time. It's still a great album and will be for years. We toured for two years on that album and had to replace our lead guitar player because he spread his strong seed and had a baby. He couldn't tour at the rate we were touring and decided to step down. We were crushed and about to start a tour with The Expendables. We hired a friend of ours Mike D from a band called Zen Robbi. We played the same set every night and proved successful but it wasn't the B. Once the tour ended he told us about a friend of his in Oregon that was into similar music and was one of the best guitar players he had known. We auditioned Tyler for a week, then, we took him on tour to see if he could hang with a bottle of Jager a night. We finally hired him after we took Gyl to Japan for his last tour. Tyler brings a whole different sound to the B. He's very technical with his playing, whereas Gyl was very raw and dirty. His playing was dirty, so was his pillow! Tyler learned the old albums perfectly and wrote most of "Souvenirs" with us from scratch. He's a killer guitarist and writes some amazing guitar melodies. I'm excited for new projects. We seem to be advancing musically and our boundaries are being pushed with our newer songs.

The B Foundation have toured and shared the stage with so many acts. What were some of the favorite tours or shows you can remember? Any good stories to mention?
My personal favorite show I've ever played was last fall getting to open for Slightly Stoopid in Portland Oregon. It was Tyler's homecoming back to Portland. We were only supposed to play three shows with them, and this was the last one. We got to play an full hour and the club floor was bouncin'. It was the Crystal Ballroom, 2300 people were split down the middle, minors on one side, and 21 & over on the other. We kept having each side cheer to see who was the loudest. It was fun. Then we played a cover of Bob by NoFx and had a few thousand people jumping up and down on that damn bouncy floor... It was sick! It's also our favorite tour.

Supporting EEK a MOUSE was a crazy adventure every night of the week. On Easter Sunday, Eek drank a shitload of this Jamaican "boner juice" and had a boner for a whole day! He had to go the hospital! Man, that was funny! But sucked cause he was in so much pain. Touring with Ballyhoo was fun as shit too. Just because we're both out there, struggling and trying to make it. And we help each other. We've built a cool bond and toured together for 4 months last year. At the end of our tour we plastic wrapped the whole van and trailer and stuck a bunch of gay porn pics all over! Oh yeah, and we had a blow up doll that looked like Mike Pinto on top, along with a rainbow license plate on the front of the van!

What bands would you like to tour with?

Gym Class Heroes
Asher Roth
Green Day

I am gonna put together the "TION Tour" its gonna be huge Its gonna be RebeluTION, Outlaw NaTION, IraTION, The B FoundaTION, GroundaTION, oh yeah and Josh FischelTION.



What do you think has changed most significantly in music since you began?
The drastic change in the recording industry has happen during my lifetime. That's enough to throw me for a loop. If it were 1984 would I be chillin' in a Benz right now? The fact that no one buys records, and you have to go out and tour non-stop to be a reckoning force. That's the main change I've seen. When Tower Records went down in Hollywood that was a sign of what was to come.

Driving from city to city has got to be the toughest part of touring. Having to kill the time must be tough (I would be listening to Howard Stern myself). What is it that you guys do to fill in the long hours of the day?
We are lucky enough to be sponsored by AT&T Cruisecast so we have 27 channels of Satellite TV in our van with two TVs. That, and an iPod full of great music. I also read Anthony Keides' biography on the last tour. And when there's an internet connection, there's to check out for hours.

What does the future hold for The B Foundation?
The B's Goals = Warped Tour, UK Tour, new EP/Album.

Drunk or Stoned?
Stoned.. Pat Drunk


Porn or Stripclub?

Metal or Punk?
Punk all day

Myspace or Facebook?

Tara Reid or Lindsey Lohan?
Lindsay, Baby

Pearl Jam or Nirvana?

Surfing or Skating?

Recording or Writing?

Big Lebowski or Spaceballs?
Duh, Lebowski

BBQ or Mexican?
Mexican-we live in So. Cali, Bredrin!

Thank you so much and cant wait to see your next show!!

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