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To start off tell us a little about the band and how long you have been together?

Seedless started with Shay and I jamming drums and guitar together in shays dad's garage. Playing metal riffs and getting drunk together, I guess we were about 19 at the time. We had both been in and out of bands since high school. "We Started off playing some Sublime covers; messing around musically, but the magic that was in the room that day was indescribable."Shay and I were both at a concert in San Clemente and got to talking with Grant out on the patio. Grant was our friend Jack's cousin and we had known him since we were young, but he had always played bass in another Reggae band called Glickson. Anyway, they had just broken up and he was looking to start a new band so the three of us got together the next day to jam at Grant's studio.We Started off playing some Sublime covers; messing around musically, but the magic that was in the room that day was indescribable. That was the summer of 2006, since then we have written over 30 originals. A year later we picked up our lead guitar player Joe Bakhos, Joe made sense of the mess of music we were trying to play and really became the backbone for our timing and rhythm. A year after that we met Matt our Vocalist at a gig we played in Anaheim. He picked up the Microphone onstage and just started singing, without any question we liked him from the beginning and he has been a crucial part to the vocals for Seedless ever since. We are very happy with the crew of guys in Seedless. We all happen to share the same goals and aspirations as far as the music goes, so we are very blessed with that aspect.

You guys are about to release your second album, what can you tell me about the new record?
The new record is going to be a fucking reggae dub rock masterpiece. That's all you get to know until the release.

How have things gone so far in the recording process?
Amazing. We are working with Lew Dog down at 17th street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa. We could not be happier with the production process and sound we are getting out of his studio. We have all grown as musicians since Lost in Kali. We have stepped into a new realm of songwriting and really have been listening to a lot of old school dub, and an array of artists that have broadened our horizons as far as music production goes. All in all we are very excited for the album to be released in early '2010, we are putting our heart and sole into it.

If you can pick a song off the new album to be the first single which would that be and tell us a little about the song?
We all are very happy with the sound that we have gotten from "Harmony." It is a mixture of all of our key ingredients; catchy airy guitar riffs, deep melodic bass, upbeat dynamic drums, and the best part about it is our new addition of keyboards being played by Lew dog our producer. The lyrics and vocal structure are something that Matt and I took a lot of time getting in sync together with and are very happy with the outcome. We have a quick snippet of the song on our Myspace if you want to get a feel for it, but we won't be releasing full tracks until the album release date.

seedless_1You guys just came off a show with The Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds and Pacific Dub. A sick lineup if you ask me. How did that go and any good stories about that night?
Even though we opened the show we walked out on stage to a completely packed crowd. Timing was right; our vocals were on, frankly we sounded fucking sick! The best part about it was that we brought on Tony from Tribal seeds to play keys on "The Garden" with us. It was just an overall great night cracking jokes and hanging out with Duddy from The Dirty Heads; sharing last minute equipment exchanges with Pacific Dub (like we always do), and getting to jam out with Tribal Seeds. No complaints from Seedless.

I know when I saw Seedless for the first time live I was sucked in right away. What would you say is the key to killing it like you do on stage?
Honestly we all pride ourselves on playing reggae that doesn't suck. It's that simple. We listen to a lot of reggae and go to a lot shows, we tend to get bored with a lot of it, and make sure our show isn't like that. Reggae can sometimes put you to sleep and we make an effort to change that experience by putting in a lot of time changes and energy that you wouldn't normally get with a standard reggae show. It all basically circles back to the writing process itself, we write music that we hope will connect well onstage as well as through your speakers in your car.

Casey, your father was at the show I attended (West Beach Fest After Show) getting hype along with the rest of the crowd. It was pretty dope to see that. Does he show up to all the shows?
Pops is the backbone to our band. Straight up. He is at every practice, every show, every band meeting. He really pushes us to be the best we can be. He is not only our biggest fan, but the biggest fan of music in general that any of us have ever met. Great guy to have on your team!

When it comes to your local Reggae Rock scene is there a sense of unity within the Cali bands?
Absolutely. We all push each other. We play with a lot of great bands out here and we all try to come together and help each other out. Whether it be borrowing a cable, or coming up and playing a solo on another bands set, there is a great sense of Unity in Socal between our core group of Reggae Rock bands. We have a lot of respect for bands such as Tribal Seeds, Pacific Dub, Through the Roots, One Drop, Inhale, Dubluva and many others. Competition is high, but if we all stick together and treat each other with respect, we all get a lot more out of it.

Do you find it easy or more challenging to team up for shows with so many bands in this scene from California? In challenging I mean competition between other bands trying to get a spot on big shows?
Again, we all push each other. We have put on a couple shows including Seedless, Pacific Dub, and Through the Roots. Each band can play any time slot throughout the night and kill it. We all hang out in the crowd and cheer for each other, and on any given night one of us can easily steal the show from one another. We all do it in good fun though there is a lot of respect between the band members and crew.

With all the outlets on the Internet for promotion where has Seedless found the most success?
It's all about the myspace. That's where we communicate with all of our fans. I don't know how bands did it before social networking sites! (ha)

What has been the biggest highlight so far for Seedless?
We won the battle of the bands for Warped tour last year at the House of Blues, and then went on to playing on Warped tour for a date in Los Angeles. Warped tour was amazing and we look forward to following up with more dates next season. Also, the recognition from family, friends, and new fans is always nice and lets us know we are headed in the right direction.

What plans does the band have for the remainder of 2009 going into 2010?
Basically finishing the album and working on getting our name out there as much as we can. With this ever-growing reggae scene that's happening it makes it easier and harder on us at the same time to get recognition. The biggest thing we have to look forward to is the progression of our music and style; we are very grateful for our talents and writing ability, but we know that we also have a long way to go before we can reach our goal as musicians and performers. There is always room for improvement!

Any touring plans for the release of this album? Any hope for a tour cross-country?
Being broke doesn't help with touring. After the production of our album our bank account is starting to resemble that of nothing. With effort comes a result; so at the moment we have our focuses on grinding out a lot of local shows, CD and merch sales, and online distribution. Once we get to the point where we can bring our show on the road you will be the first to here the tour dates! Our music has been catching on a lot with the Local Orange county crowd and we are putting our best efforts into spreading it as far as we can in the coming years ahead of us!

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