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You guys recently put out "The Harvest", the third Tribal Seeds album. What sets this record apart from the first two?

T- Ray: I think it shows growth in both song writing and musicianship. I feel we're always getting better and better. I also feel like that The Harvest album has a variety of song styles. They don`t really sound the same in my opinion.

You recorded the song "Warning" with Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. Can you explain how it was like working with him and how did this collaboration come to fruition?
Working with Sonny was dope! He came into the studio really mellow and low key, but once he got on the mic it was fire. All this energy came out of him pumping his fist while spitting the lyrics. You can tell he really puts himself into the song. We got Sonny on the track through a mutual friend.

Are there any other artists Tribal Seeds would really like to have contribute to any future recordings?
There's so many that come to mind. Don Carlos, Midnite, Dezarie, Eric Rachmany just to name a few.....

I really like the song 144,000. It's a song with very powerful lyrics. What's the story behind it?
It's based off the Bible story that after armageddon there will only be 144,000 left on earth. Weather this story is true or not, the Bible puts a lot of things into perspective and you can go into it to guide and make sense of things.

When writing lyrics, do you try and keep your message positive about what is being written? Or do you feel a need to speak bluntly about the world today?
Well Steve writes the lyrics but i do know that sometimes the lyrics are positive and sometime they're blunt. He just goes on whatever he's feeling at the moment.

The song, Vampire, really speaks about the corruption that goes on in the system. What's the solution, if any, and do you think things will ever get better?
I think we need world leaders that came from lifestyles of most of the population of the world. Most leaders grow up very privileged and I don`t think really have a grip on what it`s like for most people trying to get by. They may experienced a situation here and there but at the end of the day they go back to their nice lifestyle. And with the way the way the system is set up Don`t know if things will get much better.

Mainstream media always seems to have an agenda. Where do you find yourselves learning about what is really going on in this world?
Through different organizations we've come across that raise awareness about their causes. We also come across stories and situations on the internet and once in awhile we'll catch a documentary or segment on mainstream TV.

What artists (other than Reggae) does Tribal Seeds draw inspiration from?
Don't think we draw inspiration from any one artist outside of Reggae but now a days we draw inspiration from literally all genres of music. We listen to everything!

Which song, new or old, do you suggest to a first time listener of Tribal Seeds that defines your music and why is it you choose this song?
I would suggest Vampire cause I think it has a sound that appeals to the ear as soon as it starts. Has a bit of a hip hop feel but very much has our Reggae presence. A lot of people seem to like it. Old and young.

What new city or state would you like to play on a future tour?
We'd like to go anywhere we can really. But I really would like to play in Florida and New York. Hopefully it'll happen in the near future. Europe and South America is also other places i'd like to travel to.

Medicinal marijuana. What's your stance on the subject? Do you think in our lifetime it will ever be fully legalized?
I'm for it. It helps with a lot of medical problems. Use don't abuse! I really don't know if it'll be legalized. It'll no doubt help the economy. We'll see...

Final Question: What projects does Tribal Seeds have planned for 2010 and can we expect you guys on the West Beach Festival next year?
Hope to get an EP out by the end of the year. Expect a lot of touring. West beach is definitely in the plans. Hopefully it works out.

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