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Your new album Patterns starts off with the song “Early Morning Rises”, a personal favorite. How difficult is when deciding where to place songs on the album?

Fairly difficult considering the flow of an album is equally (if not more) important as the songs themselves. We like to think of it as how people feel or move to the whole album. I mean, a well organized album is like Justin Timberlake getting sexy and spinning around with his hat on big tilt. However, a poorly organized album is like Elaine from Seinfeld, shooting out kicks and thumbs. Pretty nasty stuff. "Enjoyment certainly comes before success. It's seems one of the worst mistakes you could make is to actually gain success from un-enjoyment." 

Which song lyrically would you suggest off the new album and why?
That's a hard one to answer. We can say that the lyrics on "River Runs Strong" tie in really well with the direction of the instrumentation, which makes them seem very strong emotionally. The lyrics on all the songs are really important to each particular one. We spent a lot of time with them. More so than the last two albums for sure.

Rodney plays saxophone as well as the keyboard in the band. Has there been a collective decision to not bring in another member to take one of those positions?
Yeah, another member was just unnecessary and Rodney wanted to play keys. He didn't start out as a key player but has really started to get crazy with those bad boys. We've always thought it was a little awkward to have a sax player that might just stand there when not playing sax and we wanted the next level of musical saturation with the keys as well, so it was a no brainer.

e-l-e-v-e-n-002When recording a new album, what do you feel more: pressure for success or the enjoyment of making a new album?
Enjoyment certainly comes before success. It's seems one of the worst mistakes you could make is to actually gain success from un-enjoyment. What a damn burn that would be...playing songs you hate night in and night out. Each of us enjoy the parts we play in each song and have all taken a part in it's construction, so that tends to usurp the stresses of the studio. We're also great friends with our engineer, Craig Lawrence at The Pirate Studio, which makes for good times and terrible jokes.

You guys recently toured out in Colorado for a few weeks. What was it that got you out there specifically and how did it go?
We tour out there with a company (and long time friends) Lifestylez Tours. They offer great ski packages to students from all over the U.S. and we go out there to play for them. The shows are fuckin' nuts and we all drink hard. We then wake up, eat and go hit the slopes. It's a rough life. Since all the skiers come in from other states, it's also a great way to kind of "tour without touring"...sincerely, Bruce Lee.

The band came together at Texas State (formerly Southwest Texas), which is south of Austin. How influential is/was the Austin music scene to EFC?
Honestly, not much. There are a bunch of sick musicians in Austin, so that meant we couldn't suck musically if we planned on getting noticed. There are also a bunch of bands. TONS of bands. We've been in the scene long enough to know the regulars and heavy hitters, but from a new band's standpoint, it can get overwhelming and difficult to rise to the top. We affectionately call Austin and Texas the "Musical Bootcamp" of the nation. It conditions you very well for life on the road and all types of shows. We love Austin!

What degrees/area of study did everyone accomplish at Texas State?
We all got varying degrees but I'll leave this one to a quote one of us said while on tour a while back and I won't name names. "Seriously, I mean school, dude? They just take it too far."

I feel as though here in Texas, the Reggae Rock scene is really starting to get a good reputation more so now than in the past. How do you feel about the scene down here?
We agree. It's definitely getting bigger and better. Especially now that bands like Pepper and Slightly Stoopid are really starting to take off nationally. With this scene, anytime one of us begins to succeed, it really helps all of us. Most people don't realize how incredibly tight knit the rock/reggae scene is...everywhere. You spend enough time in it and you will know bands from all over and talk to them pretty regularly. It's become one of our favorite facets to the scene.


Is there collaboration with Eleven Fingered Charlie and other bands on the horizon?
Sure is. We'll be joining up with other bands from around the nation on a regular basis. We'll be playing with bands like Subrosa Union more in Texas as well. We like the guys we meet and hang with in all the other bands. Our show bills will showcase that. Like our upcoming CD release show at La Zona Rosa on Feb.20th. We'll be playing with Subrosa Union and Four Minutes Til Midnight (from San Diego). It's gonna go off!

The big SXSW music festival is coming up, any plans for that?
We have great plans for the festival. Many people aren't aware that Red Gorilla also takes place during SXSW in the exact same place! One thing we like about those guys is that there is not a dirty corporate bone in their body yet they have a lot of the same industry pull and know how as the SXSW runners. We will be playing an industry pre-party for Red Gorilla and will have a solid public date announced in a week or so. We're also playing a great show at Ruta Maya for our buddy with Episode Phive Entertainment on March 20th at 9:30. That show's gonna rock and has a great line-up as well.

A Couple Local Questions?

Best joint for BBQ?
This vote was all over the place but was between Rudy's and Smokey Mo's.

Favorite place to grab a drink?
Many. One2One bar, The Mean Eyed Cat, Cedar St. and our friends at Maggie Mae's just to name a few.

Favorite Summer time swim hole?
Tom Hughes park on Lake Travis most definitely!

Favorite venue to play?
Austin has lots of cool venues with different cool qualities. Hard to pick!

Favorite ACL year?
2009. It had a huge line-up and people were rolling around in the muddy fecal laden "dillo dirt". Rad.

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