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What’s the meaning behind your band name, Tatanka?

We are all from Colorado and have grown up this wonderful state. We wanted a name that was powerful and strong something that represented our music styles. We thought Tatanka (lakota souix for Buffalo) would be a perfect choice.

Based on your Myspace page, it looks like you guys have some awesome shows coming up with talented musicians, such as Groundation and Easy Star All Stars. Every time you play with artists like that do you feel you grow as a musician a little more sharing the stage and what not with them?
We grow as musicians every time we play, practice, record and even hang out. We are a tight nit crew that is lucky and fortunate enough to play with some of these great acts. We learn so much from these national acts but also learn so much from the Denver and regional acts we play with too. There is so much talent out there right now.

What are some of your favorite shows you’ve played in the past?
We played with John Browns Body and The Black Seeds at the Fox Theatre last September. It was amazing being the first band in Colorado or even the west coast to play with the legendary Black Seeds. The boys in John Browns Body have really stepped up to bat when it comes to helping us out with shows. Have to give them a shout out!


Do you feel Denver has a competitive reggae scene?
I feel that the music we are doing is so different than any other "reggae band" in Denver right now, so really to compare us to anyone here in Colorado would be tough. We have some great acts out here like Slaughterhouse Rootz and P-Nuckle. P-Nuckle really paved the path for live reggae in Denver. They may not be as big nationally but they are kings here in Denver.

Can fans on the East coast expect you guys any time soon?
There is discussion going on about this right now. Some of our best friends also play live out east. No set dates yet but I would expect late summer to see us getting closer to the east.

Any new projects in the works for 2010?
We just wrapped up our Sound in Technicolor E.P. recorded at three different studios. It has 4 tracks of new music that we are stoked to get out to the people. Look for the release March 16th and March 11th in Denver.

Who are your biggest influences?
Anything from 70's funk to 80's pop. Easy star records is on top in my opinion right now. They are bringing the most diversified sounds to the table currently. Also New Zealand has something special going on right now, with the likes of Fat Freddy's Drop and The Black Seeds. Both of those bands are big influences of ours.

Any fun facts about the band that no one knows about?
We all started in punk rock projects back in 8th grade. Also, according to local newspapers we are known as the ones who raise clouds of smoke in Denver.

What would be your most ideal concert? What city, venue would you want to be at? What bands would you want to share the stage with?
REDROCKS. The band all grew up in Colorado and have been seeing shows there for years. As far as the lineup would go.... How about us and Daft Punk, that would be pretty huge. Muhaha.

What do you think about the emerging reggae-rock scene, do you think it’s on the rise and it’s a genre that will become much more popular in the future?
Yes it is on the rise. More and more people everyday are catching the reggae bug. I really like how its growing but at the same time alot of people are becoming stale with this music. I think a lot sounds the same right now. That’s why we are trying to bring something completely new to the table.

You guys have a new album coming out in March, what can fans expect?
Fat electro sounds rooted in dub and reggae music... Dubtronic you could say.

How many albums has Tatanka released?
We currently have released 1 E.P. called "where the buffalo roam". Sounds in Technicolor will be round 2 for us.

Have you seen a change in your music from when you first started as a band to where you are now?
Yes when we first started playing it was just guitar bass and drums. now its organ, keys, synth, bass, guitar, mpc, percussion, drums you name it we are messing with it!


Upcoming Shows

Mar 11 2010 - Cervante’s w/ EASY STAR ALLSTARS Denver, Colorado
Apr 16 2010 - The Green Room w/Summit Dub Squad Flagstaff, Arizona
Apr 17 2010 - Big Fish Pub Tempe, Arizona
Apr 18 2010 - The Hut Tucson, Arizona
Apr 19 2010 - DiPiazza’s Long Beach, California
Apr 20 2010 - Lighthouse Hermosa Beach, California
Apr 21 2010 - Gallaghers Huntington Beach, California
Interview Conducted by Contributor Stephanie Morgan


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