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First off, Hofa Adai Chris!

Would you mind giving us a little background on your life in Guam? What village are you from?

I’m from Barrigada, Guam; my life there is very chill. I was in a band called Rebel Lion, and we made a pretty good name for ourselves locally. When I’m not playing music you'll find me in the water at our local surf spots sponging it up. Or spending time with my wife and my beautiful daughters.

We found a video on youtube from The Key Club where Jacob Hemphill (of SOJA) briefly describes how he first met you. Could you give us some more details on how the two of you hooked up?
It was me and Bob that hit it off first. We just clicked like we had been friends for a long time. I even had him over at my house, and we BBQ’d. It wasn’t until the second time they came to Guam that I got to know the rest of the guys. And like Bob we just clicked. Even though we were from two totally different places, we had similar opinions about our corrupted governments. The third time they came, Rebel Lion opened up for SOJA, and Natural Vibrations. We were playing “Who the Cap Fit” by BOB MARLEY and when we went on break Jake was like “Boom-I got the song that'll be perfect for us to sing together!” So the next day we got together and started collaborating.

What is your impression of the Reggae scene here in Texas? What was the scene like in Guam?
Reggae is huge in Guam!! There’s a lot of great reggae bands back home and so much talent a lot of people don’t get a chance to see. Growing up on the islands, we pretty much grew up on reggae music. Every Sunday we would go to the beach to hear Naya Joe jamming all the old and new reggae. In Texas, people know reggae but sometimes don’t understand it. To me you’ve got to love reggae to love reggae! But the movement in Texas is still very strong. I think if the radio stations played more reggae, people will start to listen to it and hear the message and appreciate what this movement is all about.


Is RebelLion going to live on or are you working on a new project here?
Oh man! Rebel Lion is a part of me no matter what! But my move to Texas last year was the first time leaving the rock. And I love playing music, I just can’t stop! I HAVE to keep making music so naturally, I started a project here.

Aside from your amazing vocals on "You and Me" have you worked on anything else with SOJA?
I’m actually working on an album which Jake is producing. I’m very exited for that. Keep an eye out for it.

We learned that you recently moved to San Antonio (from Guam). Was that related to music or for other reasons?
It was definitely a career move. This has always been my dream and coming from Guam, SOJA approached me to make an American-Reggae album which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How has your life changed since you hooked up with the boys from SOJA?
It’s changed dramatically in such little time. Not too long ago, I was a small island boy with a voice and a hardcore SOJA fan. Now I’m working with SOJA. I've only been in the mainland for less than a year and I've already seen Virginia, California, Florida, and Atlanta all in thanks to soldiers of Jah army.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to share with our readers and your fans?
To the readers: If you have a dream pursue it with love, heart, and appreciation. Don’t ever give up, for Jah doesn’t sleep. If you want it bad enough and he feels that you deserve it, he will grant it on to you. But you must believe in him and believe in yourself. To my fans: Thank you all very much for your support from the bottom of my heart. Sai'na ma'ase, one love and Jah bless.


Speed Round:
Calrose or Jasmine? Calrose

Kalapana or C&K? Cecilio & Kapono

Coconut Crab or Parrot Fish? Both

Acoustic or Electric? Acoustic

Carbonated or Distilled? Regular Water

Bredren or Bro? Brother

Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle? Chapelle

BBQ Sauce or Soy Sauce/Vinegar? Fina Denne!!!
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