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I saw you guys grace the stage here in Austin a few weeks ago in support for The Wailers. First thing Dom says on stage is, “Damn we just got high as fuck backstage and you would never guess who!” Any chance it was with Willie Nelson? I believe I saw him at that show.

(haha) It wasn't Willie Nelson!! I wish! That would be one hell of a circle going though.. The Wailers, Willie, and the Villains..That's for big boy lungs! Actually we don't know him personally and I have no idea where that came from, but if you know anybody that can get at him.. tell him we'd love to do something together in the future! We prefer shots. Pre-show usually entails some heavy swatting, jumping jacks, and a Magic game (hopefully).

Is it ever tough remembering lyrics when you’re high on stage? I know it can be especially tough to remember anything when I use my Silver Surfer Vaporizer.
You know what they say.. "practice makes perfect!" We are all pretty heavy smokers so, most likely we wrote the damn song when we were high! I'd say its probably a little tougher for us going up without a little tokey-toke, cause then we are out of our element and we start fucking up all over the place. But, I'm not gonna lie and say I can hold totally hold it together onstage because I've forgotten entire days courtesy of the SSV! Since we do happen to smoke all day long, the SSV vapos have allowed us to not change our habits, but create a more resourceful and healthy means to an end.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing with bands that have a different sound to yours?
We are a band that tends to cast a wide net when it comes to genre. We are on a reggae tour right now, supporting the Wailers. We were out all summer on a ska tour with Reel Big Fish and the English Beat, and before that we were on the Jagermeister MusicTour with punk acts like Pennywise and Authority Zero. Since our music has the tendency to bounce around alot, it usually leaves a lot of options open as far as tourmates go. You never know, you could see us opening for more mainstream acts like 311 or Cake and we'd be there on the side of the stage singin' right along. The only disadvantage I ever notice is sometimes you get subjected to the teen-angst, anti-music, over-the-top-scream-crying, end of the world emo-core bullshit. I know it sounds cliche to bash the emo kids, but it's pretty well-deserved. We get it dude, she broke your heart.. now stop crying and go fuck some other chick. Do not get in the vocal booth. Do not turn on your amp. Art does not live here anymore. Go out to the bar, have a good time, and start over.. you big pussy.


Cardo is no longer with the band, which leaves Smally on his own for now in the horn section. Will there be a trumpet replacement or possibly other new additions to the band?
Yeah Cardo left the band to finish his education as a doctor. We miss the shit out of our homeboy, but he is still our brother and he keeps us updated. We are all super proud of him and hopefully he can be our "Rock Doc" one day. For the meantime, we have just decided to turn Smally loose and handle all horns by himself. The Supervillains have been a band for a loooong time and are a pretty close-knit group of guys so until the right person comes along, I think the line-up will stay and continue to write as-is. We are pretty happy with the way Smally's been holding down the horns and if we do add anybody else it will most likely be a keyboard player, but like I said it's gotta be "that guy".

The band has been doing a good amount of touring since the previous release, Massive. Do you guys plan on working on a new record soon?
We have been working on songs ever since we put out Massive. We have around twenty songs in pre-production for the next album as well as alot of ideas. We have been recording in tour buses, rv's, hotel rooms, living rooms.. anywhere we can throw up a make-shift studio! I definitely think that our fans are gonna be more than pumped on our next album. It's 100 percent starting from scratch and we really have taken our time on each song, making sure that each one has its own unique identity. We really want to open the songs up for the listener and not hold anything back. We started recording "for real" down in South Florida a few months back and we plan on getting back to the studio in the spring time as soon as we get off tour. But for now, while we are all together at one time on the bus, we push ourselves to write and record as much as we can.

What are some of the things that are the most annoying when out on the road? Any good “road stories”?
The different weed laws from state to state and the whole "Border Patrol checkpoint thing" is a pretty big annoyance. Some states say you can possess, some say you just have to pay a fine, some states they don't play games and they straight-up arrest you and confiscate your vehicle. All the different laws makes it confusing just how paranoid you have to be depending where you are at, and everyday we are somewhere else. Our entire outfit would be 100 percent law-abiding citizens, it weren't for pot prohibition.. and that annoys me as an American. The way the Border Patrol's authority supercedes all rights at the checkpoints is a little annoying too, I'd say... but it goes with the territory. As far "road stories" go, alot of the support acts that we tour with tend to drive off from the last gig with a new locking gascap on their van, and we've gotten really good at where to hide the key.


I know you guys love the Jager. So when it comes down to it, is it Jager shots or Jager Bombs?
We prefer shots. No need in watering down the whiskey.

What’s the pre show routine for The Supvervillains before hitting the stag? Drink and smoke?
Pre-show usually entails some heavy swatting, jumping jacks, and a Magic game (hopefully). Some dudes prefer a cocktail beforehand. Lately, I have tried not to clock in until we get to stage, and then it's ONNN! But, I'm not gonna lie and say I can hold totally hold it together onstage because I've forgotten entire days courtesy of the SSV!

What’s up with the side project from you, “Hobi Kyats”? Can we expect any tunes from this project?
Hobie Kyats is a way I stay busy when the villains aren't playing. It's mainly cover's and mash-ups of stuff. Old country music, old reggae. It's just me and my buddy buck nasty. an acoustic, a loop pedal, and some percussion. It's a good way to keep up the chops and pay some bills during the down time. I wouldnt expect any recordings or nothing like that. I keep most of my material in the villains camp.

You think we will see your Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals again this year? If so, we need to make a bet.
The Magic will be there again, no doubt. People love to hate on us because we are a small market team, but the Magic are for real. Our bus is the Magic Bus! The Lakers are the sexy choice (like the cavs), but it all comes down to match-ups and I believe the Nuggets will take down LA. In my world, nothing is better than some "Magic Nuggets" and it just has a good ring to it. David Stern (NBA commish) will jump off a skyscraper if this happens, which is the only thing that I will bet on!

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