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You can easily categorize The Green in so many different genres. How would you best describe your sound?

Our sound is one of love, dedication, soul and pride. 4 very different emotions coming at you randomly. And still evolving.

All of you have been in other bands and fortunately crossed paths to form The Green. Can you tell us a little about the story that brought you all together?
The 4 of us started in the music scene when we were very young. We got to know each others bands, and then started jamming together more and more until our separate bands had pretty much took us to a dead end. We formed The Green as a place of refuge for our hearts music. We ultimately said we will not give up on our love for music


The Green just recently wrapped up “The Right Love Tour” with Anuhea. How was it pulling a double shift each night with your own set and as the backing band for Anuhea?
Playing twice a night almost every night for a month was a major test. A test on our relationship, musicianship and dedication, it was successful in every way possible. We actually got invited on the 2010 5th's Surf Roots Tour. We will once again be pulling double shifts with Anuhea, can't wait.

Was this the first time touring the Mainland as The Green? How was it and what city did you enjoy the most?
We enjoyed New Orleans, Louisiana the most on this last tour. Probably because the food we had was so unreal and The Republic is such an awesome venue , the entire city is awesome.

“How Does It Feel” is an amazing song; really hits home. Is the song about someone in particular?
This song was originally written by JP Kennedy about himself with no female duet part. We are blessed to be close friends with sister Kimie and we asked her to be apart of our project. She wrote her verse and took that song to a place we never imagined. The song is officially a love sick jam about us all.

The new album is seriously great from front to back. Who produced the album?
The project was headed by JP Kennedy, with Leslie Ludiazo and Brad Watanabe as well as the rest of The Green boys. A very co-operative project, writing, arranging, playing, it was a serious team effort.


Were there any songs that were left off that may make for a possible follow-up E.P.?
Most definitely, we got the phat load of jams that we have for future albums. Look for the music to get better and better.

Will there possibly be any old recording from Caleb and JPs former band Next Generation transformed on any future albums?
Probably not, we don't have very much recorded after that debut Album.

What albums would we be surprised to find in The Green’s listening rotation?
Surprised?…none. We got the basics, Marley, Aswad, Micheal Jackson, James Taylor, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police.

Will there be a new tour to look forward to soon? If so, who would be the band that The Green would love to hit the road with?
2010 Surf Roots Tour, check out more at, look for Surf Roots. Love to tour with Mayer Hawthorne.

Any final thoughts or plugs?
Look for new recordings very soon. Check us out at and on Itunes….ALOHA

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