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The Movement first originated in 2004. Could you briefly describe the history of the band and its origins?

Well, Josh and I started the band around 2004 with him playing acoustic guitar and me playing the conga drums. I didn’t begin playing guitar until I was about 20 years old. We started out doing covers of Sublime, Marley and a few old originals which have never been played again. Our first shows were just Josh and I and a 4-track tape recorder which already had programmed beats and bass lines that we'd previously recorded. A year or so later we picked up Jon Ruff a.k.a. DJ Riggles and put all of our backing tracks onto a cd and Riggles would play them and scratch behind them. "We're a high energy band and we aren’t called The Movement for nothing. It’s going to be insane when we all have wireless set ups."

As kids growing up in Columbia, SC (Josh & Jordan), what were some of the influences that steered you musically?
As far as influences are concerned we're into just about everything….Sublime, Outkast, Marley, The Roots, The Breeders, The Pixies, Counting Crows, Tupac, Biggie, John Brown’s Body, Rage Against the Machine, Otis Redding, the Dead, Thievery Corporation, The Fray, Nirvana, and the list literally goes on and on and on.

The first Movement record "On Your Feet" was recorded completely different than the most recent Set Sail album which brought in producer Chris Dibeneditto to help out with. What were the major differences in recording from the two albums?
The differences in the two records aside from On Your Feet being recorded in 24 hours was the freedom to spend some serious time on Set Sail and the luxury of having Chris D. record it. We spent a great deal of time on Set Sail and were very pleased with the outcome. We tried to make the album sound a little more mature than On Your Feet.. things like vocal delays, live percussion, keyboard, etc. added to the depth of the record.

Gary Jackson and Jay Schmidt joined The Movement roster late but fit in like they were in the band all along. Were there any tryouts for the remaining spots or did they get the gig on first audition?
We met Gary through Chris D. and he fit right in. He happened to know Jay who had just started playing bass. They were similar to me and Josh in the sense that they had grown up playing music together their whole life.. it really was the perfect fit and was surprising how well we all got along in such a short amount of time. After meeting them, there wasn’t any need for auditions. With Gary’s punk and metal influences and Jay’s Grateful Dead and G. Love influences it was the perfect match.

Is Chris the one who linked you guys up with G.Love or was that relationship formed elsewhere?


Actually Josh and I played a show with Garrett in Tampa before we linked up with Gary and Jay. Our manager introduced us to Garrett and Chris D. who was very interested in our music and wanted to record our next album. It was actually a pretty cool night.. Garrett and I went into another club after the show was over and got on stage and he played guitar and I freestyled some hip hop lyrics and the relationship was formed.


One of the special things about The Movements show is the intensity you get from all the band members. A recent show truly describes that description when Jay was getting down in the whole venue with his wireless bass. Is this typical for each show?.
That's absolutely true for every show. We're a high energy band and we aren’t called The Movement for nothing. It’s going to be insane when we all have wireless set ups. We love to perform and get the crowd into it as much as possible. That's the whole reason people come to shows ya know? To let loose and forget about the worries of the day and that’s where we come in.

Not too long ago Jordan added his myspace page with some original tunes. I am curious to find out if you are still planning on releasing your solo effort “The Feeling”?
I'm still working on the EP, it should be available online around the end of June. I just wanted to explore my creative avenues and see if I could put together a few tracks that weren’t in the genre of reggae or hip hop. I’m very excited about this project. Should be interesting to say the least but it’ll kick ass for sure.

I saw that you guys will be doing and East Coast tour with SOJA. The stop in Philadelphia will be joined by John Brown’s Body and The Black Seeds. Are you guys excited to be apart of such a great lineup?
We're really excited to be playing with SOJA again, they're great musicians and good friends of ours. John Brown’s Body being an early influence to us as a band just adds to the excitement of the show. I’m looking forward to that one for sure!

Any plans on writing and recording a new album in the near future?
"Our first shows were just Josh and I and a 4-track tape recorder which already had programmed beats and bass lines that we'd previously recorded" We're planning to re-release Set Sail sometime in August or September through a distribution label. However, we're always writing and I imagine we'll start hitting the drawing board toward the end of the year and start working on some new stuff for a new album…..which I'll already go ahead and say it'll be a force to be reckoned with. Real talk!

Finally, describe how you feel about your future as a band in 2010 as opposed to how things started off in 2004?
We’ve come a long way since 2004 and since adding Gary, Jay, and our tour manager/sound engineer Dave Cardonick within the past year we've come even further. This band has been blessed to have grassroots success in such a short period of time and I don't foresee that slowing down at all. If anything, I think people should put their seatbelts on and strap those helmets on tight cause this train ain't stopping till the wheels come off and even then….we still ain't stopping.

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