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Written by: Timothy Castaneda

You are in the process of recording your new EP can you tell us any details? Album Title, special guests, release date any stuff like that?

Steven: Yeah we’re recording right now and we have about 3 songs almost complete. As far as special guests, we’re going to have Eric from Rebelution come on one of the songs and hopefully it’ll be released sometime in the summer.

Are there any talks about when we can expect a full album to be in the works?

Steven: There’s definitely some talk, we are hopefully trying for early next year. Right now we’re just trying to write out all the new music and trying to get it out to the fans and we want to get it done as soon as possible that’s why we are doing the EP.

Steven you do most of the lyric writing for Tribal Seeds, are there any rules or specifics you go by when putting the pen to the paper?

Steven: Not really it’s whatever is on my mind or whatever I’m feeling at the time. Right now I feel like we have an overload of love songs so I’m going to try and get us back on other topics so I’m going to try and focus on that for right now but it’s really whatever is on my mind.

What message do you guys mostly want to get across with Tribal’s music?

Steve: Just peace, love and understanding you know. We really like to spread the message of having people look out for each other and protect one another. It’s a crazy world out there but music is one thing most people can agree on so we just try and keep the good vibes going.


What are some of the more current world issues that you guys take notice to?

Steven:It’s hard not to pay attention to the war that is still going on and everybody thought Obama was going to be this great President but it’s still the same shit but that’s how politics work though.

Joe:Yeah it’s tiring to see the same old shit, they’re still attacking countries and the violence just needs to stop. The natural disasters too are something that’s caught my attention, I mean it’s pretty hard not to notice them. It’s just devastating to see one bad event after another.

Now that Tribal Seeds has started making the trek out East, what has the response been like?

Joe: It’s been really great actually. I was really surprised with Florida and Virginia we got a lot of love there. But we’ve been getting a lot of love from the East coast, the Midwest, and the South so it’s not really just one area. I really enjoy playing the whole country but there is something I particularly like about playing Colorado and Texas.

Do you think the crowd vibes differ from West Coast to East Coast?

Joe: Yeah it’s a different vibe but Reggae is there, you know music is the universal language and it’s something we can all agree on. But you know I really like playing Florida, even though it’s a different vibe out there the energy is awesome.

You guys have been starting this year off super busy, first with the Tribal Youth Tour with Fortunate Youth and now the Spring Harvest Tour with Through the Roots and its only April. Can we expect Tribal Seeds do another couple of tours this year?

Joe: Yeah of course man, I think we’re looking at touring in the fall and the winter. We’re just trying to get our music out there so right now it’s just like tour tour tour you know it’s really our main focus just spreading the music and touring. We are also considering touring outside the country as well but right now for this year we’re just going to focus on the states. The spring harvest tour with Through the Roots is about to kick off next week so we’re just going to pretty much hit up the whole U.S.

Awesome, well since you’re talking about having a couple more tours this year are there any talks about what bands might be joining you?

Joe: I’m not too sure man it’s really all up to our management but we’re looking into maybe having Seedless join us because those guys are our buddies but to be honest I really don’t know, like I said it’s all what management decides.

Since you said you guys might try and tour out of the country, I know Rebelution is currently touring in Brazil right now so are there any countries in particular Tribal Seeds is looking into maybe somewhere in South America as well?

Joe: First, big ups to Rebelution they’re out there doing their thing in Brazil right now. For us really it’s anywhere we can get the opportunity to play it’s just all about promoters hitting us up, I mean we would love to play anywhere in the world. Europe or South America would awesome, I mean we don’t really have that much Spanish music but they love bands like SOJA, Rebelution, and Groundation so I think we should be O.K. but anywhere the opportunity is given we would love to play.

Tribal Seeds got the opportunity to play in Hawaii last month and from your videos it looks like the crowds are huge and can get a bit crazy. Can you give us a little detail on how that show went and how the crowd is there?

Steven: It was sick man Hawaii is always raging the people just love Reggae music so it’s just a blessing to go out there every time.

Joe: Yeah we love it and I just want to say big ups to Oahu Grown the clothing company that takes up there and big ups to our family at Island 98.5, Fat Joe the radio guy and Mahalo to all our Hawaiian fans there.

I mean you guys went to Hawaii for work but did you guys happen to get any free time to enjoy the island at all?

Joe:Yeah actually we had a couple days off to go around the island. Some of the guys hit up the North Shore and we got to hit up local spots like Sandy’s and just bar hopped around Honolulu, haha so yeah it was fun that we got a little bit of down time.

Tribal Seeds will be playing the California Roots Festival and Sunfest this year but can we expect you guys to try and make it onto some more Major Summer Festivals next year?

Joe: We would love to but once again it’s really all up to the booking guy. We just got a new booking agent and he’s been doing pretty well. We actually just added a new festival called the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, we just got added to that a couple days ago and that should be pretty fun. So we’re going to do that and we’re stoked about Sunfest and California Roots Festival, they were pretty fun last year but like I said it’s all up to the booking agent you know.

You guys have a traditional/roots sound that’s pretty deep and unique. Can you give us a little detail about your first experience with reggae music and how you fell into the scene?

Steven: We grew up on Reggae music you know, so ever since being little kids we have always known Reggae music. Roots are just a thing we have always lived with and been around so we’ve always loved it and always love to play it. I mean we try to mix it up with different styles because that’s how things just are now a days but I mean we love the Roots.

Joe: I was actually on an airplane once and a lady had asked me the same question haha. For me it’s the same as the other members, it’s just something I always remember and something I grew up on. I just remember being a kid and playing with my toys and my brother would always be playing Steel Pulse’s Greatest Hits Album so I just grew up on that.

You mention growing up on Steel Pulse’s Great Hits, are there any other albums that you remember growing up on that just bring back memories?

Joe: I actually recently came upon one of my old burnt CDs and it had Don Carlos, Gregory Isaacs who recently passed away a few months ago so rest in peace, and it had some Bob Marley some Rita Marley you know just a bunch of great hits. But once again Steel Pulse is always a childhood memory for me.

With all the traveling Tribal Seeds does and the video footage you guys have up on the internet. Has there ever been any talk about releasing a DVD?

Joe: We wanted to make a music video for Vampire but it never happened you know we were just talking and messing around. As far as a DVD is concerned that would be a nice idea but to be honest we haven’t really talked about but I would love to though so talk to my manager or something haha.

What Artists/Albums are currently in your playlist right now?

Joe: Well I’ve been listening to a Hawaiian band called The Green they got top Reggae album on I-tunes in 2010 and they’ve just been touring all over the country and their CD is great, I like it a lot. Collie Buddz put some new music out and it’s pretty cool. The Nas and Damian Marley album is really good but that and some old stuff too and that’s about it pretty much.

Steven: Yeah The Green’s album is legit I love those guys and the Nas and Damian Marley album too. But I really listen to everything like Whiz Khalifa I like his stuff, I like rock, techno, dub step and you know all that stuff. If you listen to the our latest release The Harvest you can tell a lot of the stuff that we listen to you know it had some techno, dub step, hip hop and rock kind of vibe but we like everything pretty much.

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