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The new release from Anuhea "For Love" will finally make its way into her fans ear drums tomorrow and I am certain they will not be disappointed. It is an album that is being released on Valentines Day and there is no better gift for your loved one than with an album titled "For Love". But before you fill your day up with the great tunes Anuhea has to offer, find out who she has been listening to in her playlist lately. She obvioulsy has a great ear for music so you never know if the artists below will soon make you playlist.

Anuhea What's In Your Playlist?

Ellie Goulding - Lights
I discovered this UK singer songwriter from hearing her "Lights" dub step remix, and then started researching her on YouTube- she is amazing! I bought her album and can't stop. Her live acoustic version of "Starry Eyed" blows my mind every time.

SOJA - Strength To Survive
Got the new album when we did some shows together here in Hawaii- The production and even the songwriting is very progressive, mixing traditional recordings with pop production, and I'm so stoked on their new style! Can't wait to tour with them in a few weeks and hear the songs live every night.

Cas Haley - Connection
I've had this cd for a minute but I can't get enough. I love his voice, his style and his songwriting so much! Great driving music. My fave's are "Release Me" "Better (dub remix)" and his cover of Alicia Keys "No One". I love doing covers too and give it my own flavor... Cas is a master at that! Also check his cover of The Police "Walking On the Moon".

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