Music Lover is a new track by Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies, Team Sleep, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Marilyn Manson), Miguel Happoldt (Volcano, Perro Bravo, LBDAS) , and Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites

The new album, Reggae Now, from The Aggrolites is set to be released May 24th off Pirate Press Records. Lucky for us the band has released a track

Los Angeles, California's Bikini Trill have releaed the new music video "Chapo Howl" from their Wassup, We Good? album. The video is super fun and

I stated in a previous post that Foruntae Youth have a busy on a schedule lately but the band is really going to be putting the work in. While the band is hitting a long

Oregon, reggae-fusion group Sol Seed, have released their newest single "Shades of Green" and a music video to accompany it courtesy of the great Sugarshack Sessions. 

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad "Stop Fighting" is the latest single from the band.

Fortunate Youth has a busy schedule of tour dates coming up but why not release a new single?!? Lucky for us this new single "Live Life" also features Alborosie and

When it comes to new music from the boys from Hawaii there is always an excitement. Add Stick Figure to the single and you are sure to have something special.

Tunnel Vision is currently wrapping up the "Higher Vibez Tour" with Beebs and Peter Dante this week. Fear not, the band has announced a large amount of dates for the

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Life gets complicated doesn't it. With so much that social media throwing at your way you may miss something. Especially with their algorithms if you haven't looked at someones