"EP" Review by Jason Gallagher

"Love Town" Review by Jason Gallagher

"Cultivate" Review by Benjammin Van Lom


"Move Positive" by Shawn Hallman

The Fear Nuttin Band continues on their road to unify the people by doing an incredible job of unifying elements of many different genres. Everything from dancehall rhythms, booming hip hop groves, metal-inspired guitar riffs, the smooth flow of talented toasters, the sweet upstrokes of reggae, and even some.......


"Ska and Reggae Bands Making Their Presence" by Jason Gallagher

In 1994, taking its name from the skateboard magazine, Warp Magazine, the Vans Warped tour made its debut in the concert circuit thanks to Kevin Lyman.  While Warp Magazine was short-lived, the Warped Tour is still going strong 17 years later.  In the past, the tour has been tailored more toward the hardcore music scene.......


"New Roots" by Michael Cotton

With a title like New Roots the mind conjured up imagines of a new approach to the roots-reggae genre, and this is what the Ambassador has achieved. The Ambassador is Stephen Gabriel Lewis, ex-lead singer of the Seed, and he has created, in New Roots, an album of chilled out roots reggae with some modern flourishes and twists.......


"Rugged Road" by Michael Cotton

The Aggrolites fifth offering, Rugged Road, is a different proposition from their previous albums – with the LA-based group adopting an instrumental ska/rocksteady approach. In fact it takes until the fifth track to get some vocals on the upbeat and high energy The Agro Band Plays On, and for one reason.......

"GPGDS" Review by Benjammin Van Lom


"I Am Who I Am" by Tim Castaneda

Since the release of SOJA’s Born in Babylon, we have all heard the amazing talent that Chris Boomer brought to one the most downloaded reggae songs of 2009, “You and Me”. In late 2010, many fans like me were excited to hear that Boomer would be dropping an album entitled I Am Who I Am.......


"Wanted Dread or Alive" by Ashley Allred

Peter Tosh’s 1981 release “Wanted Dread or Alive” is one of my all-time favorite albums. I find myself choosing this one more than any of the rest. Don’t get me wrong, Peter Tosh couldn’t make a bad song if he tried but there’s just something about this upbeat, drum and bass infused album I just can’t get enough of.