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Friday, 09 January 2009 12:00


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No matter how hard we try, we can't find it!

You asked for http://www.musicbailout.net/itemlist?lang=en&limit=18&start=468, but despite our computers looking very hard, we could not find it. What happened ?

  • the link you clicked to arrive here has a typo in it
  • or somehow we removed that page, or gave it another name
  • or, quite unlikely for sure, maybe you typed it yourself and there was a little mistake ?

It's not the end of everything though : you may be interested in the following pages on musicbailout:

Friday, 26 March 2010 15:09

The Supervillains Grinder Contest

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The Supervillains Grinder Contest Give Away!!!


To celebrate our interview with Skart of The Supervillains our friends at Silver Surfer Vaporizers hooked it up with three amazing grinders to give away.  

3 winners will receive:
  • Either a Red, Green, or Yellow Custom Supervillains Grinder courtesy of Silver Surfer Vaporizers.

  1. Become a Fan of MusicBailout.net on our Facebook page.
  2. On Monday March 29th, 2010 I will randomly, throughout the day, ask a question about the interview.
  3. Answer correctly and you win!!!
  4. You can only win once.


Monday, 15 March 2010 14:18

California Roots Music and Arts Festival

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California Roots Music and Arts Festival

May 29 Monterey, CA Monterey County Fairgrounds


1st annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival. The festival will be presented by California Roots Clothing. CA Roots Clothing was rooted in Santa Cruz, California. We are here to UNITE The state. No matter were you are from Nor-cal,Cen-cal,So-cal, or even out of the state. We come together as one to Unite, not divide. CA Roots has decided to take our love for music & art to a new level. Join us as we take that next step in life. We are taking a handfull of California's finest In all avenues. Stay Rooted.

The California Roots Music & Arts Festival is a benefit for the youth. We’re proud to be working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Americas’ Music Makers program & local food shelters. The festival will be a rock/reggae new roots festival, Memorial Day weekend, May 29, 2010, at the Monterey County Fairgrounds. Gates will open at 10am with the first show set at 11:30am. There will be 2 stages and on the grounds, and we’re expecting vendors of all styles to participate



Facebook Event


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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 18:47

ATX WildFire March 19 & 20 Austin, TX @ Ruta Maya

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Episode Phive and Musicbailout.net Present: ATX Wildfire

March 19 & 20 Austin TX Ruta Maya



Day 1 Lineup

12:35 - 1:35am The Movement 

11:20 - 12:20am Idiginis

10:05 - 11:05pm Ashes Of Babylon

8:50 - 9:50pm Tatanka

7:35 - 8:35pm Chris Boomer

6:30 - 7:20pm The Contrabandits

5:25 - 6:15pm Indofin

4:20 - 5:10pm Irie Jane

3: 05 - 3:55pm Green Seeds

2:00 - 2:50 pm Root Dimension

After Party Lineup

2am - Close Orko Eloheim/DJ Ivor



Day 2 Lineup

12:00 - 1:00am One Pin Short

10:45 - 11:45pm Contra Coup

9:30 - 10:30pm Tin Can Phone

8:15 - 9:15pm Rook

7:00 - 8:00pm ElevenFingered Charlie 

5:45 - 6:45pm SlaughterHouse Rootz

4:30 - 5:30pm Darby Drivers

3:15 - 4:15pm Sons of the Beach

2:00 - 3pm Equal People


After Party Lineup

1:30am - Close DJ Notion

1:30am - Close Killah Priest

1:30am - Close BluePrint & Illogic

1:30am - Close Mcpullish

A FREE two-day Reggae Rock festival @Ruta Maya on South Congress in Austin Texas on March 19 & 20!!

Help this spread like WILDFIRE...tell all of your friends!!


2pm - 5am

Facebook Event - Day 1

Facebook Event - Day 2

Click Here to download ATX WildFire Sampler


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Thursday, 05 November 2009 21:27

Today's Shows

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Monday December 28, 2009

Babylon Saints - Mai Tai Bar - Long Beach, California

Dubmarine - Woodofrd Folk Festival - Woodford, Queensland

Fea Nuttin Band - Crazy Donkey - Long Island, New York

Inhale - Friar Tucks - Pomona, California

Jamaram - Altes Kino - Ebersberg

John Butler Trio - Woodford Folk Festival - Woodford, Queensland

Lionize - Club - Washington DC


Tuesday, 03 November 2009 23:20


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77 Jefferson - Tour Dates

86 The Effort - Tour Dates

880 South - Tour Dates

3rd Alley - Tour Dates


A Red Cup Affair - Currently No Dates

Aaron Kamm and The One Drops - Tour Dates

Agave - Currently No Dates

The Aggrolites - Tour Dates

All Natro - Currently No Dates

Anuhea - Tour Dates

Among Criminals - Tour Dates

Another Day - Tour Dates

Ashes Of Babylon - Tour Dates

Aivar - Tour Dates

Audiodub - Tour Dates


BPM - Tour Dates

The B Foundation - Tour Dates

B-Liminal - Tour Dates

Babylon Saints - Tour Dates

Ballyhoo! - Tour Dates

Badfish - Tour Dates

Bandulus - Tour Dates

The Bashments - Tour Dates

The Beautiful Girls - Tour Dates

Bedouin Soundclash - Tour Dates

Bag Of Toys - Tour Dates

Bare Feet - Tour Dates

The Black Seeds- Tour Dates

Bootleg - Tour Dates

Boss Rebel - Tour Dates

Break From Society - Currently No Dates

Broken Coast - Tour Dates

Burning Tree - Tour Dates


C-Money and the Players Inc - Tour Dates

Cas Haley - Tour Dates

Can't Hang - Tour Dates

Cease Fyah - Tour Dates

Champa - Tour Dates

Chapter 11 - Tour Dates

Cheezy and the Crackers - Tour Dates

Clear Conscience - Currently No Dates

Close Enough - Currently No Dates

Coastal Vibrations - Tour Dates

Codi Jordan - Tour Dates

Collie Buddz - Tour Dates

Colin Giles - Tour Dates

Common Sense - Tour Dates

Conscious Souls - Tour Dates

The Contrabandits - Tour Dates

Cornerstone Roots - Tour Dates


DPR - Tour Dates

Daddy X - On tour with Kottonmouth Kings

Dan Sherrill Music- Tour Dates

Darth Vato - Tour Dates

Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons - Tour Dates

Deals Gone Bad - Tour Dates

Del Mar - Tour Dates

Diego Roots - Tour Dates

Direct Influence - Tour Dates

The Dirty Heads - Tour Dates

The Divine Crime - Tour Dates

Doco - Tour Dates

Dodger - Tour Dates

Dogboy - Currently NO Dates

Dominic Balli and the Roots Republic - Tour Dates

Drout - Tour Dates

Dubluva - Tour Dates


Ease Up - Tour Dates

East Wave Radio - Tour Dates

Echo Movement - Tour Dates

Eleven Fingered Charlie - Tour Dates

Equal People - Tour Dates

Ethan Tucker & The Grassroots All-Stars - Tour Dates

The Expendables - Tour Dates


Fayuca - Tour Dates

Fear Nuttin Band - Tour Dates

Fiction 20 Down - Tour Dates

Fighting Chance - Tour Dates

Fishbone - Tour Dates

The Flip and Rollie Band - Tour Dates

Footpie - Tour Dates

Fortwentydaze - Tour Dates

Fraud Millionaires - Tour Dates

Fortunate Youth - Tour Dates

Fresh Catch - Tour Dates


G Love & Special Sauce - Tour Dates

Genuine Uprising - Tour Dates

The Ghastly Ones - Tour Dates

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Tour Dates

Giraffe Aftermath - Tour Dates

Good Intentions - Tour Dates

Goulash - Tour Dates

The Green - Tour Dates

Green Room Rockers - Tour Dates

Grimy Styles - Tour Dates

Groove Stain - Tour Dates

Groundation - Tour Dates


HaleAmanO - Tour Dates

The Hallway Ballers - Tour Dates

Hazmat Bay - Tour Dates

Headshine - Tour Dates

HerbnLife - Tour Dates

Hi Roots - Tour Dates

High Tide - Tour Dates

The Holdup - Tour Dates

Hor!zen - Tour Dates

Hostile Hippies - Tour Dates

House of Shem - Tour Dates

The Hounds - Tour Dates

Hours Eastly - Tour Dates


Idiginis - Tour Dates

Indofin - Tour Dates

Indubious - Tour Dates

Inhale - Tour Dates

Inna Vision - Tour Dates

Iration - Tour Dates


Jack Johnson - Tour Dates

Jack Maness - Tour Dates

Jacuzzi Fuzz - Tour Dates

Jah Mex - Tour Dates

Jet West - Tour Dates

John Browns Body - Tour Dates

John Butler Trio - Tour Dates

Jon Wayne And The Pain - Tour Dates

Josh Fischel - Tour Dates

Josh Heinrichs - Tour Dates


Kana - Tour Dates

Katastro - Tour Dates

Katchafire - Tour Dates

Kawao - Tour Dates

Kevin Kinsella - Tour Dates

The Kicks - Tour Dates

Klockwyze - Tour Dates

Knock Out - Tour Dates

Kounterfeit Change - Tour Dates


Lefty At The Washout - Tour Dates

Lionize - Tour Dates


MMFM - Tour Dates

Marc B - Tour Dates

Matt Irie - Tour Dates

Meet Me At The Pub - Tour Dates

The Midtones - Tour Dates

Michael Franti and Spearhead - Tour Dates

Mike Pinto - Tour Dates

Mishka - Tour Dates

Moon Boot Posse - Tour Dates

The Movement - Tour Dates

My Peoples - Tour Dates

Mystic Roots Band - Tour Dates


Native Elements - Tour Dates

Natty - Tour Dates

Natural Incense - Tour Dates

Natural Vibrations - Tour Dates

The New Rebelution - Tour Dates


One Drop - Tour Dates

One Groove - Tour Dates

One Pin Short - Tour Dates


OPM - Tour Dates

Orange Grove - Tour Dates

Orange Marsupials - Tour Dates

Outlaw Nation - Tour Dates


P-Nuckle - Tour Dates

Pacific Dub - Tour Dates

Part One Tribe - Tour Dates

Passafire - Tour Dates

Pepper - Tour Dates

Phat Reggae Dub Status - Tour Dates


RAC - Tour Dates

The Raspas - Tour Dates

Rebelution - Tour Dates

Rebel Souljahz - Tour Dates

Redeye Empire - Tour Dates

The Resolvers - Tour Dates

Ribsys Nickel - Tour Dates

Rook - Tour Dates

Rootikal Riddim - Tour Dates

Root Down - Tour Dates

Roots Down Below - Tour Dates

Roots of Creation - Tour Dates

Rude Buddha - Tour Dates

Rude Punch - Tour Dates


Sand Section - Tour Dates

Santanero - Tour Dates

Sashamon - Tour Dates

Secret Trees - Tour Dates

Seedless - Tour Dates

SeedLove - Tour Dates

Seeds-N-Stems - Tour Dates

Shakedown - Tour Dates

Shark Attack - Tour Dates

SKITN - Tour Dates

The Slackers - Tour Dates

Slackstring - Tour Dates

SlaughterHouse Rootz - Tour Dates

Slightly Stoopid - Tour Dates

SOJA - Tour Dates

Soul Majestic - Tour Dates

The Soulicitors - Tour Dates

Spred The Dub - Tour Dates

Spiritual Rez - Tour Dates

Starving Millionaires - Tour Dates

State Radio - Tour Dates

Staylefish - Tour Dates

Steppin Razor - Tour Dates

Stick Figure - Tour Dates

Stinky Pinky - Tour Dates

Stone Senses - Tour Dates

Stoney Baloney - Tour Dates

Stranger - Tour Dates

Street Pharmacy - Tour Dates

Sunglasses and Mushrooms - Tour Dates

The Supervillains - Tour Dates


Tatanka - Tour Dates

Ten Feet - Tour Dates

Thicker Than Thieves - Tour Dates

Three Legged Fox - Tour Dates

Three Plus - Tour Dates

Through The Roots - Tour Dates

Thrown Gone Down - Tour Dates

Tin Can Phone - Tour Dates

Tomorrows Bad Seeds - Tour Dates

Top Shelf - Tour Dates

Tribal Seeds - Tour Dates

Tribal Style - Tour Dates

Tsunami Rising - Tour Dates

T.U.G.G. - Tour Dates


Unmotivated - Tour Dates


Vibenhai - Tour Dates


Walk Off The Earth - Tour Dates




Zen Robbi - Tour Dates

Friday, 09 October 2009 21:32


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Friday, 09 October 2009 20:24


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I listened to many styles of music growing up. I have gone to many shows starting from a very young age. In fact, there is not a week that goes by that I do not go to at least one show. I will not pass up an opportunity to see a good band, even if that means I go alone. I prefer the shows that are not too crowded where I actually have an opportunity to talk to the band and tell them how much they have inspired me.

I have one agenda with Musicbailout.net and that is to provide the most up to date and recent news to the fans of Reggae Rock. It is my desire to assist bands in promoting their music with no hassle. I enjoy giving the most underground band the attention they deserve and to be heard not only in their city but across the world. I strive for all bands in this genre to get the news they need to provide to the fans ASAP, things such as CD releases, tour dates, pictures, video, and much more.

Musicbailout.net is nothing more than a guide for fans. For fans of Reggae Rock, Surf Rock, Dub, Hawaiian, and more. To hear amazing music from bands that pour their hearts into it and tour the country for you. Musicbailout.net is a way to hear more of the music you love but may not have found yet. Musicbailout.net will lead and direct you through this great genre of music.

This is the music I am inspired by, I am passionate about, and will do whatever it takes to spread the good vibes this music brings to me.

Monday, 16 May 2011 15:58

Edo. G

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"Edo. G – A Face In The Crowd"

Thursday, 28 April 2011 15:37

AM Neja

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AM Neja (Theory Hazit & Othello) – Are AM Neja"