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A year after SOJA released their album Strength to Survive, a few music videos, countless tours and performing on The Tonight Show you would think it would be time for a break right? Not so. One thing that is important as a band/musician is to constantly bring your fans material. The band SOJA understands this which is probably why they have risen as one of the top bands in this scene. Topping the charts on iTunes is something these guys will have to get used to because as a fan myself I know others are itching to hear a new record from SOJA. But one thing a fan of this band knows is it doesn't need a new record to head out on the road. With one of the most entertaining live acts out there SOJA hits the road so often to treat their fans you sometimes wonder if their permanent address is their tour bus. To be honest though with upcoming tour dates in Austrailia as well as Hawaii their is no room for complaints living on the road. If you are a fan of theirs or looking to see a great show then be sure to find a show near you in the next few months. See all upcoming dates below.

SOJA Tour Dates:



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