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Mic Dangerously


Mic Dangerously (Zen Robbi) What's In Your Playlist?

My friends at Music BailOut have asked me what I've been jamming to lately, so here's a list of albums/artists I've been bumpin! 

Today I had way to much free time on my hands, so I went out to my car and ejected all my CDS and from disc 1-10 here's what is in my car disc changer at the moment:

jimmy_rareHendrix (Rarities disc 1)
This album has a bunch of out takes and B side version of songs that have so much personality and soul, when we go on long drives with Zen Robbi, we always have this in the disc changer.. Favorite tracks are Little Wing(the GNARLIEST instrumental psychadelic shit you've ever stuffed in your ear!) and 3 Stone from the Sun with him messing up the skit intro a few times, your hear Jimi cracking up laughing then he just busts into the song, what a bonafide bad ass.


pantera_southernPantera (The Great Southern TrendKill)
My favorite guitar player of all time DimeBag Darrell RIP This album has the nastiest metal you have ever heard in your life. It has so much groove and southern blues to it, a MUST HAVE for all guitar players.




redman_malpracticeRed Man (Roller Coaster Malpractice)
This guy has the funniest rawest delivery, I love his beats he uses lots of samples from The Funky Meters, and this Red Man album in particular was so fun loving and great stories, its a refreshing taste of Rap music.




pennywise_straight_aheadPennywise (Straight Ahead)
This album is my second favorite PW album, second to About Time. Shredding guitars, slammin drums and great vocals anyone can sing along to while bumping into their neighbor as hard as they can!




originalitesThe Originalites
The OG-ites rock can't say enough good things about them.. These guys are one of the hardest working bands out there, go get their new record its rad OG ska with surf punk and a killer latin vibe that I really love. Great guys in the band too WHAT UP PETEY!



adam_sandlerAdam Sandler (They're All Gonna Laugh At You)
I can listen to Medium Pace over and over again and still laugh as hard every time. If you don't know the song, look it up.




sublime_robinSublime (Robin The Hood)
Can a get an AMEN?? Gotta give it up to the home town heroes for always mixin it up fresh for all of our listening pleasures. This record had such raw recording of some of their punk stuff, STP and All You Need are so nasty! .. And that acoustic version of Pool Shark is chilling, what a golden voice.



sidestreetrenySide Street Reny
I got ahold of this album from our first label owner Scott Rickett, Reny recorded at the same studio we had recorded at, and I LOVE this album.. A funky hybrid of Delta Blues and patwa Jamaican Dancehall singing, I've never heard anything like it. My favorite track of it is BK dig it.



beavis_buttheadThe Very First Beavis and Butthead Album
Contains Red Hot Chili Peppers doing an Iggy Pop and the Stooges song called Search and Destroy it is so grimy and so punk rock, I almost like it better than the original.. It also has Sir Mix A Lot (another favorite) doing Monster Mack, a beautiful love song about eating shrimp and smackin butts! But my favorite song on that album is Aerosmith Dueces are Wild.


presidents_usThe Presidents of the United States of America (Self Titled)
This album is in my top ten records of ALL TIME EVER! I love every single track on it.. This is one of those albums that every song that were the hits were the worst songs on there.. If you judge them by Kitty and Lump you're terribly mistaking, check out Body, Boll Weevil, and Candy.



Bonus List

Here is a list of the top 10 most played songs on my iTunes:

1. Oh Marie by Louis Prima

Anyone who's ever had a music conversation with me will tell you I never shut up about Louis Prima my favorite singer of all time, hands down. He was made famous by doing the voice of King Louis in Disney's The Jungle Book. If you google how the cartoonists drew King Louis and his band, you'll find out that Louis Prima wasn't acting like King Louis, rather, Disney designed King Louis to look and dance like Louis Prima. Louis Prima is the king!

2. Satisfy My Soul by Bob Marley

What can you say about Bob Marley other than wow. So much more than just a singer and musician, you can not deny this universal super star. 

3. September by Earth Wind and Fire

If you are ever in a bad mood, put this song on, I dare you to stay mad.

4. Bourbon Street Blues by Louis Prima

I told ya.. 

5. Furry Walls by Infant Sorrow

Sometimes the world will slip you a Jeffrey.. Just stroke the furry walls. 

6. Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix

My favorite Jimi song ever since I heard it.

7. If 6 was 9 by Jimi Hendrix

Gangsta shit.

8. Shake Hands with Beef by Primus

If you ever wanna have your mind blown go see this band live.. Les Claypool is a mad scientist!

9. Rocky Raccoon by The Beetles

I listen to this song all the time and still sing the wrong words to it because I always remember it how my dad sang it to me when I was little. Lets say he ad-libbed a bit on parts he didn't know and I always add the same parts by accident never fails.

10. 13 Step Boogie by Martin Sexton

I was turned onto this guy by an old vocal coach of mine, this song has some of the sickest singing I've ever heard.

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