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"Reprise Sessions" - Ashley Allred



Stick Figure

Reprise Sessions

Review by Ashley Allred of

Scott Woodruff, the mastermind behind the quintessential one-man-band Stick Figure has done it again. But this time, he’s not alone. “Reprise Sessions” out August 3rd, is the first album with the new four-piece band.

The overall sound of the CD stays true to the dubbed out rootsy feel we’ve come to know and love, it is Stick Figure’s best work to date. “Reprise Sessions” is packed with several new tracks as well as some old favorites that have been revamped.

“Long Lost Way” is one that dedicated fans may recognize from Stick Figure’s debut album, “Sound of my Addiction”. While the old version was solid lyrically, it just didn’t stand out. The new version is one of my favorites on the album.  It starts with a reverbed dub effect and a hi-hat backbeat by Todd Smith paired with a hard-hitting bass line by Brendan Dane. The tempo has been increased and the vocals are less dubbed out, transforming the song into a new favorite.

The album has plenty of new tracks too. If you’re a sucker for a good bass line, check out “Youth”. Over the chatter of people a funky bass line slowly emerges until it drowns out the noise. The pace suddenly increases and Woodruff’s voice takes us on a journey with his lyrics. He tells stories through his songs that make you stop and really listen. A synthesized keys solo by Kevin bong and Woodruff’s rap style verse towards the end make this a great dance tune. I would love to see this performed live!

“Reprise Sessions” seems like the culmination of all Woodruff’s work and shows us that while it is possible for one man to do it on his own, with the help of others there’s no stopping him. This album is a must! Order your copy today at

By Ashely Allred

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