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Tin Can Phone Announce Release Date for "Adapter"


From Tin Can Phone:

Hello everyone!

First off, we want to express all of the thanks and appreciation we can out to all of you who have and continued to support us with all of the changes that Tin Can Phone has been through throughout the last 5 years. We have had a mission to keep evolving our sound but to keep true to the "lake effect" style that got us to where we are. Which brings us to the good part...our new FULL LENGTH album "Adapter" will finally be released and find it's way to the general public NOVEMBER 1ST 2011! We know, you've waited so patiently for it. Taking our time with every sound and every transition, we are excited for everyone to be able to listen to a truly accurate example of our live sound, mixed with the classic vibe of our acoustic sound from past releases. Also, the album will consist of all new songs - all previously unreleased except for new versions of "Peace of Mind" and "Skate Shoes" that were on some bootlegs that some people out there might have and also a new version of "Cat's Eye Nebula"!

Promotional FlyerMore about "Adapter" Release Shows will be posted soon!! We're going all across Texas, to Lake Charles, LA and who knows where else in the near future to help spread the sound, so stay close!

Adapter Track Listing: (In No Particular Order)

Skate Shoes
5 X 5
Cat's Eye Nebula
New Song
Peace Of Mind
Smoking Gun
Follow The Sun

We can't wait for you to hear it
Sincerly and With Much Love,
Tin Can Phone

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