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Top 15 Power Rankings


The scene is enterering such an exciting time. With bands like SOJA and Rebelution topping mainstream charts on Itunes one can only imagine where this genre is headed. MusicBailout has put together the Top 15 Power Rankings. It is not a popularity contest nor is it about who is selling the most records. The rankings are simple and fun. Recently released albums, chart depth, amount of touring, online fan interaction, creativity, online fan growth and performance. The MusicBailout Power Ranking are nothing more than to show appreciation to the bands we love and showcase their latest accomplishements. New rankings will be monthlys and with the talent pool so heavy dont be surprised when a band drop out or rises up. Please join me every month for the latest.


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The Green


 You have to really give it up to the boys from Hawaii. Just recently releasing their second album they have already risen to the top of the Reggae charts and are now touring with Rebelution. Needless to say The Green ranks #1 in our first Power Ranking with consistent touring, topping numerous reggae charts, fan like growth on facebook and of course their amazing sound.  --



 SOJA has released many albums to date and their newest Strength To Survive can already be considered a classic. The band has been around for some time now but their dedication to touring along with a killer live show keeps the fan wanting more from this group. SOJA is a band to be respected rising to the the top of the Reggae world without a major label backing and a drive like no other.  --



 The new 3 disc album Peace of Mind gives you the regular version, acoustic version and dub version. Orginal, amazing and inspirational. Enough said.  --

Slightly Stoopid


 Slightly Stoopid is easily the next best thing to Sublime. True innovators in the genre the band continues to provide their fans with live performances that we all will remember for years to come, or for those to high will remember that night before they go to bed. Hitting nearly every summer festival last year their fan base continues to grow to unbelievable heights.  --



 Pepper is really a working mans group. What else is better than getting off from a long day of work and seeing the HYPEST band in the scene. Always coming to town with a new set, new theme and always new energy. Along with being the best live act in town their label Law Records is really building its artists with some of the best bands around with the most recent signing of Ballyhoo!  --

Tribal Seeds


 Tribal Seeds can easily be in the same conversation as SOJA. The sound along from this band is enough to keep you moving but in all honesty the way these guys have been touring the last year really is something.   --



 Last year really was a killer year for Passafire. A new album and Warped Tour 2011 brings this band into the top 10 of our rankings. I also remember a song of theirs being used on a highlight reel for ESPN last year. That is pretty huge in my book.  --



 Iration is just that feel good band that continues to impress me with their live sound. Dont get me wrong, their albums are great but when you see them live it is like being transported to a beach scene even when your in a old beat down bar. Truly great performers.  --



 Quite frankly Anuhea is the most talented female artists in the scene. Her new album will be coming out on Valentines Day and there is no doubt it will be topping charts. It really is amazing to watch her grow over the past few years and to be honest it would not be surprising to see her make it into the mainstream. With major fan growth, especially online, Anuheas future looks very bright.  --



 Of course previous albums are amazing but "On The Road Again" may be Katchafires best album do date. This makes them a force to be reckon with. Can you only imagine the next release? If there is one band overseas that the US needs to make regular invites to, Katchafire is the one. It is just a shame they will not be heading to the home turf of MusicBailout.  --



 Signing to Law Records and releasing a new album capped off Ballyhoo!s 2011. But you dont expect them to slow down this year do you? Warped Tour is about to get smacked in the face with this party band. Joining the summer long festival for the whole trek you can be sure that Ballyhoo! will be making tons of new fans along the way.  --

Tomorrows Bad Seeds


 Style is really what makes a band and Tomorrows Bad Seeds have that. When seeing a live perfomance from this band you enter with Reggae Vibes but leave with a musical excperience. The band creates their own spin on the scene and takes it out to Warped Tour. With the sounds that comes out of those festival speakers you can expect to dance but also be prepared to mosh. Truly a versatile band.  --

Josh Heinrichs


 Creativity and originality comes to mind when listneing to Josh Heinrichs. A truly gifted voice makes it so simple to enjoy each record he puts out. Never one to slow down Josh is always adding to his resume. His Jah Roots days may be over but that only means new things and new things with Josh means exciting.  --

Fortunate Youth


 Lead vocalist Dan Kelly is truly special. He can trance you out with his live performance. His style and sound can trick you into thinking that you just finished smoking a blunt without even taking a hit. The talent he has around him as well only make that experience better. Their live show is comparable to a gravity bong.   --



 Seedless is starting to become a very scary band. With the amount of talent coming out of this young group it would not be surprising to see bands like Rebleution or SOJA opening up for them. If you do not beleive what I am writing do yourself a favor and listen to their most recent album Twisted Roots and get back to me.  --
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