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Monday, 11 June 2012 17:39

Wakarusa Interviews

waka 2012 header

Wakarusa Delivered! But, let's just keep that a secret, please.

It's not just about reggae reporting for Musicbailout, it's about reporting on world class performances and Wakarusa delivered that non-stop throughout the four-day weekend. I was surprised to see the amount of bass and dub step worked into so many performances, but it added a groove that you just couldn't stop moving to. You can tell the Wakarusa organizers put a lot of love and attention into the artist line-up. There was an obvious similarity in the quality of each band. The sets flowed like a well-oiled machine, one unique show into the next.

The setting was exceptional with actual room to move from stage to stage without over-crowding. Two stages were set in the trees with art lining the entrances, and even through the storms, people were dancing and having a great time.

We had the opportunity while covering the festival, to snag interviews with a number of high-profiled artists. Matisyahu, Slightly Stoopid, Perpetual Groove, Iration, Ugly Lion and Tribal Seeds all gave us a few minutes out of their busy day to provide some insight into their work. Click on the pictures below to read each one.

It was a pleasure to attend Wakarusa and report back on the quality of the festival. We look forward to next year. Wakarusa delivered, but again - let’s keep that a secret!

Interviews Conducted by: Erin & Caitlin Jones
Live Photo Credit: Erin Jones

 Slightly Stoopid (Rymo)

rymo cover


iration 2012 cover


matisyahu new cover

 Tribal Seeds

TribalSeeds2012 cover

 Ugly Lion

ugly lion cover

 Perpetual Groove

p groove cover


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