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What's In Your Playlist Shawn Taylor?


Shawn Taylor (The Simpkin Project) What's In Your Playlist?


fleet_helplessnessFleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues
The Fleet Foxes seem to have a sound that resonated within me right when I heard the first note. I love the ambiance of their recordings not to mention the beautiful harmonies and arrangements. I love all their albums. Oh yeah, they are unbelievable live too! Vibey forest music!!!

parson_yearlingThe Parson Redheads - Yearling

I first saw this band open up for the Fruit Bats at the Troubadour in L.A.  They are a small indie/alternative band with catchy tunes, mellow vibes, and a girl drummer! I am a sucker for harmonies and message, which this band takes care of nicely.


freddie_come_on_overFreddie McGregor - Come On Over

If you have heard this album then you know. Some of the sickest soulful reggae music out there folks. Every tune inspires me. Drum and bass just crushes it for 10 straight tunes.  Reggae classic that sets the bar for the rest us all.


robert_walterRobert Walter's 20th Congress - Giving Up The Ghost

This dude is the man on all things electromechanical: Hammond B3 Organ? Check! Fender Rhodes? Check! Wurlitzer's and Clavinets? Check! Jammy, jazzy, funky,  and down right insane skills! I'd easily give a toe to have Robert's abilities as a keyboardist!


richard_wagnerRichard Wagner - The Best of Richard Wagner

He is my most favorite classical composer ever. His arrangements are miles ahead of where his contemporaries were. Whenever I need to relax or study something, I turn to Wagner. Unreal musical experience.

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