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J Boog Interview

J Boog is not your typical reggae artist; for starters he was born in Long Beach and raised in the gangster rap haven of Compton. You could forgive the man if his musical direction took a different path.

Thankfully for us  J Boog resisted the pull of hip-hop and learning more about his family it is easy to see why he gravitated to reggae music. J Boog was introduced to reggae music at a young age by his family.

“My sister brought home a Bob Marley songbook and started to play the songs on the piano,” explains J Boog.  “Ever since then I’ve been hooked on reggae music.”

J Boog may have been born and raised in California but his heart and music is pure Pacific Islands and in particular Samoan. This ancestry is something you can hear in his music; it’s that sweet reggae music with an island twist and vibe.

The man himself takes up the story:

“Growing up music has always been a part of our (Samoan/Pacific Island) culture. Having musically talented brothers and sisters helped open the doors and inspire me to create reggae music.

“We always sing feel good music and reggae was the best way for us to express that,” J Boog explained.

“Reggae music was the only music we could turn up loud which our parents wouldn’t turn off when we were kids.”

Reggae music is feel good, laid back music, says J Boog – “just like the people of the Pacific Island.”

Coming off a successful EP launch there is no rest for J Boog as a new album is due to be released September 20. Back Yard Boogie will feature some reggae powerhouse, Richie Spice, Tarrus Riley Peetah Morgan and Pacific Island legends Fiji.

“This album is bridging the island music of my people with Jamaican music, bringing fans of my first album and new fans of my recent EP, together,” explains J Boog.

J Boog, real name Jerry, got his distinctive nickname from his brothers who would call him boogie because he couldn’t keep still as a kid.

“I always wanted to go somewhere and do something,” said J Boog –a character trait he has taken into his music.

by Michael Cotton



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