Sono Vero


Getting to Know Sono Vero

As told by: Margo West

How’d you guys come up with the name?

“(haha) honestly, we had a show to do one night and we needed a name so we started flipping through dictionaries. We found Sono- “Sound” and Vero- “Truth” in a Latin dictionary. So our name means “sound from truth”.” haha I love it!

You guys are young- what are the advantages/ disadvantages?

“There aren’t that many disadvantages but I guess the shows.. because most shows are 18 and over or 21+ it’s hard to get some of our friends to come see us and more people exposed to us. Sometimes we play and have to go outside or leave the venue right after because our age.” (not tonight when they snuck back in to see Seedless finish their set at Malone’s in Santa Ana. Hehe score!) “Advantages are that everyone gets so stoked on our energy and that we are as young as we are and already booking a lot of gigs. We have more time to progress and build our name as well as a strong following.”

Biggest influences musically?

“Reggae, world music,… there are no limits to our influences”

Who writes? How is the process?

Ollie and Aaron chime in that they both write and, “actually it ends up that everyone throws in their own contributions into the mix. During practices and jammin’ is when everyone feels free and the creativity is flowing. We try new things and all work together to see if we like how it’s turning out, sometimes it can be very experimental.”

What is the message you want the audience to take away or how do you want them to feel after a show?

“We want people who don’t know reggae to feel the positivity and get a new outlook on what it’s all about… also wouldn’t hurt if they walk away saying, “That was sick!””

What’s next for Sono Vero?

“We’re going on tour this summer, June- July. A few dates to mention: June 3rd at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA and July 9th at Brixton’s in Redondo Beach, CA.”

Make sure you check out their Facebook page and head to a show near you soon! Cuz these guys aren’t going anywhere but up!

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My Reflection:

Ahh these young men are so well- spoken and cultivated in their responses and their presence during the interview. (There is hope for the future generations!) I really enjoyed watching their set and chatting with them. They are quite the group of characters and SUPER talented. Great to hear their Tribal Seeds cover too, sounding damn good!

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