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The Surf Ranch is an action sports resort located in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 20 minutes from the Costa Rican border. Luke Boychuk, director of operations at The Surf Ranch Action Sports Resorts gave us the inside scoop on what you can expect when the resort is finished being built.

Hello Luke, Please give us some detail about the Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort.

The Surf Ranch is Nicaragua`s first and only action sports resort, featuring Nicaragua`s first full cement 6000 sq ft skateboard park, a 1 acre jungle paintball course, full resort with restaurant, 4 stores, 3 bars and pool, and private bungalows for guests with rooftop patios. The Surf Ranch offers many extreme sports and activities such as surfing, kayaking, skateboarding, paintball, mixed martial arts, horseback riding, volleyball, scuba diving, mountain biking, and kite boarding. We are located in the tropical surfing town of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2 hours south west from the main capital, Managua.

How did the idea come together for this amazing place?

It all came together back in Canada in 2008. It was winter, in our hot tub, we always came up with some crazy ideas in that hot tub, and then I guess this one stuck. We actually booked a plane ticket to Nicaragua that night, after doing a quick Google search for “cheap land”. So the next week we were in Nicaragua, still confused on why we were there…then we struck an amazing deal on land, purchased it. We then spent a year back in Canada saving every penny working at gas stations and trying to find people to invest in our “dream”. We found those investors.


Do you plan on holding any type of events at the resort? Possibly some competitions?

Yes we will be holding yearly surf and skateboard competitions with pros around the world. We are already talking with a bunch of big companies such as monster energy, and a variety of the top skate and surf companies in holding demos and sending their teams down. The competition will have skateboarders and surfers competing for a pretty big cash prize. We also plan on holding mountain bike races, kiteboarding and mixed martial art competitions.

What is the capacity at the resort? How many living spaces are available?

When finished, the resort will be able to sleep 60 people. It will be able to cater to 500 people during big events and parties.

Volcano boarding, paintball, and more activities take place at the resort. Where there any things you wanted to incorporate at the resort that may not be able to take shape?

surf-1So far, all of our activities look like they will happen. But honestly, if we had more funds, I would like to install an artificial surf wave at the resort. It would be a perfect fit! Maybe one day.

What will the nightlife be at the Surf Ranch?

We want our nightlife to be unforgettable. Picture hundreds of young drunk people with barely any clothes on, partying around the pool, resort and swim up bar, with live music and DJ’s blasting their music over the resort and valley. Beautiful women serving drinks and also women dressed as mermaids swimming around the pool. It will be the place to party.

san_juan_del_sur_3How close is the park from being finished and ready for its Grand Opening?

The skate park is about 4 months from being finished. We need to finish it before the rainy season here in Nicaragua. It will be Nicaragua’s first skate park and free to use for everyone.

What other info would you like our readers to know about The Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort?

That even though we found investors to fund and finish the whole resort, we are selling the bungalows on the resort to give people the chance to get involved with the growth of the Surf Ranch. Each owner will receive 50% of rental income, and the 1st bungalow has been sold and the bungalows will be now selling for 49,999. All the details are on our website – Also after Surf Ranch Nicaragua is complete, we will be building others around the world.

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