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The new album from The Aggrolites "Rugged Road" just came out and we got a chance to ask the guys some questions. The band talks about the new album, life on the road, and much more.

The Aggrolites always bring it with something new to each record you put out. How will this new album stand out on it’s own?

"On tour, like it or not it’s a 24 hr job. No 9 to 5 stuff. You are living, breathing and sleeping Aggrolites."Rugged Road will stand out in the sense that the band has not lost their touch. We are taking some of the same approaches we did with our first album “Dirty Reggae”. We are touching styles of skinhead reggae we have not attempted yet. You will hear tunes that remind you of Boris Gardiner and Junor Murvin. Styles we have not tried to emulate before.

The recording was on reel to reel and played all together in one room. Why the decision to do that and what were the advantages?

Its simple. That’s how recording was done back in the day. We want that vibe! Forget the over produced methods of recording. It was not the case in early reggae.

The Aggrolites will be on this summer’s full Warped Tour schedule. What are you most looking forward to about being on the Festival?

Introducing people to early reggae. Trying to break the reggae stereotype. Show people that funk/soul/reggae music has a place in the festivals like warped tour that caters to a very young crowd.

How is it when touring overseas? Are the crowds different?

It is always a pleasure going overseas. Every single place in the world we have played stands out for its own reasons. We have not played a place that we would not go back to. Europe loves the era of reggae that we choose to play. Rocksteady music is sometimes hard to win people over with. Europe is more open to it and sincerely loves it.

Please talk a little about getting signed with Silverback. How did it all come together, who approached the band, etc.?

Jesse had worked and got introduced to the silverback family through a band called “Dubcat”. Alongside that relationship, touring with Slightly Stoopid only made the connection stronger. Silverback has a great team and they align right with what we are trying to do. Spreading that reggae!

The band often ends the set with Don’t Let Me Down. Whos brilliant idea was it to cover this song and why?

Not quite sure, might have been a collective idea. The band loves The Beatles and the reggae covers of “Don’t Let Me Down” are steller! We put it in the set and people took a liking to it.

You guys are on the road a majority of the year. How tough is it to balance your home life with life on the road?

It is tuff sometimes. Like anything you have to decide where you put your time. On tour, like it or not it’s a 24 hr job. No 9 to 5 stuff. You are living, breathing and sleeping Aggrolites. That is why we do it. We love doing this and when you love what you are doing you feel good about investing your time into it. We are very lucky to have supportive family and friends that understand we are gone most of the time.

How Rugged can the road get?

Pretty Rugged! Sometimes we are running on no sleep and have to take 3 flights in 1 day and play a show. With every “Rugged” moment comes a dope opposite moment that reminds you why you do this.

Roger Rivas side band The Bullets recently recorded the album Sweet Misery. Is there a possibility to see Roger take on two shows a night and tour with The Aggrolites?

I love playing in both bands and for different reasons. I have yet to take The Bullets on the road but I know the fans would dig it. We do have plans to someday take The Bullets past just local L.A shows. In due time we want to get The Bullets to Europe.

Any final comments for your fans.

Thanks for all the good memories and here is to a million more. Come say hi at the show. Lets grab a drink! Stayed tuned for Rugged Road and an upcoming LIVE album.

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