Please give our readers who are learning about Through The Roots for the first time a brief background of the band.

We are a five piece Reggae band who came together in the summer of 2008, and have been jamming ever since. We have played hundreds of shows since then and have grown both musically and personally.We have high expectations for what is to come for Through the Roots. "Luckily we have our fans who keep us together. With out them we would be nowhere!" We plan on constantly working hard to keep growing and producing music that everyone can enjoy.

Things have gone extremely well for Through The Roots since you guys entered the scene. What are some of the best opportunities that have happened to the band?
Must say the West Beach Music Festival was a great opportunity for us and we would like to thank Twiin Productions, the event allowed us to play in front of thousands of people. One other great opportunity was our recent tour with Iration. Those guys are awesome, we got to know them on a personal level and they also gave us the opportunity to turn our music on to their fans. Thank you guys.

You just mentioned being out on the road with Iration along with your friends Pacific Dub on the Time Bomb Tour. How was that experience being your first major tour outside of Cali?
It was a HUGE learning experience. Luckily we didn't get into too many major problems and it was definitely grounds for maturing as a band. We learned the ups and downs of touring and got to see how much the genre is growing. We were very very fortunate to have taken part in the Time Bomb Tour!

I am sure many of your fans are just as interested as I am to find out when we can anticipate a new album. Can you leak any info to us on the subject?


We are currently working on our soon to be released album "Here to Stay." It will be released sometime late fall. We think people will really enjoy what we have to show.

What are some of the biggest pressures as an upcoming band?
There are a lot of ups and downs. We'd have to say the biggest pressure is taking the risk to go all in, in the music business. Making music your main priority over your personal life is a huge risk that we take because there really is no guarantee that we will indeed make it. It's hard to keep your head up with that in mind. Luckily we have our fans who keep us together. With out them we would be nowhere!

In the world of Reggae Rock right now, bands are popping out from everywhere. In your opinion what makes a band stand out from the rest?
Diversity. We love to hear bands that bring new flavor to the table.


Are there any shows in particular you find most memorable?
The Jesusita Benifit for the Fire victims, with Rebelution and Iration in Santa Barbara really stood out. Twiin Productions again gave us an opportunity to play for a sold out crowd. It was cool because it was at the historic Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara and it was the first live reggae concert in that venue. It was an awesome night! Thank you Twiin Productions. Another memorable show was playing Aztec Nights Concert Series at San Diego State University, with Hawaii band Pepper. There was around 7000 people there. It was Raging.

Finally, any plugs, mentions, or words to the fans?
Fans! Thank you for the support thus far. You guys have helped and are continuing to help us achieve our dreams. Your support pushes us to keep progressing and we appreciate all that you do. We love you guys, Thank you!


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