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Washington DC

Musician/Producer Alific started out playing bass guitar in a number of different styles of bands growing up. Ranging from jam bands in high school to reggae, funk, rock and hip hop bands in college to infectious beach style dub rhythms while living on the West Coast, Alific has no boundaries when it comes to music. Gaining knowledge of the recording arts while in college, Alfic crafted the skills of recording, engineering and producing by learning from his musical influences and always leaving room to learn and grow more as a professional. He enjoys learning new recording tricks and production techniques and continues to strengthen his own skills as a musician by learning from close friends and fellow jammers. Living life to its fullest, Alfic continues to create and produce music wherever his living situation may be. Currently living in DC, Alific enjoys creating music that is influenced by life events and main goal is to make grooves that will get you tapping your feet.

"The foundation of every song is the bassline"

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