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8-piece funk reggae outfit Backbeat Sound System are a band laden with groove, their up-tempo song craft drawing from numerous influences in creation of a tight, elated sun-clasped sound. Since forming in the charming Cornish idyll of St Austell, Backbeat have been smashing up stages all across the UK. BBSS transcend genre limitations - this is original sound, groovy and affecting. Over their two debut EPs, the band have honed a bass-led party sound that is as infectious as it is sonically interesting. On record, they use the full potential of the studio to craft a highly dynamic approach to recording, spacious multi-tracking arrangements making the best of the format - but live, they are a different beast. The ‘serious pop’ songs’ inherent strengths come to the fore and explode in a haze of onstage energy and pumping rhythm. Over the Summer of 2010, Backbeat toured the UK festival circuit with the Chai Wallahs stage, and shared bills across the country with the likes of Cypress Hill, Easy Star All-Stars, Plan B, Tinie Tempah and Dub Pistols. They will be returning in 2011 with a reel of festival appearances, so anticipate the uptempo vibe, don your dancing shoes and get on down to your next

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