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Bands Bio:

Offshore is a rock reggae band that started off when bass player Sharen and guitarist Vincent were assigned to play together at Brouhaha Festival in England. Since then, they became good friends and began a visionary band called Offshore. Sharen's friend, drummer Guido also joined the band after he heard what was going down. Daniel a great keyboard player who goes to the same school as Vincent and Sharen joined soon after. Now Playing for half a year, they have been spotted at great venue's in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, such as Meander, Sugar Factory, Watt, Exit, Patronaat, Paard van troje and many more. Their music is also being played on Aruba's favourite radio station COOL FM. With the idea of mixing it up and keeping it fresh, Offshore does collaborations with various such as Jorick Croes and Esperanza Denswil. As we speak, Offshore is busy recording their debut album and making a name for themselves in the international rock and reggae music scene!

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