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Adam Taylor (Iration) What's In Your Playlist?

BLACK UHURU - Liberation: The Island Anthology
This is my favorite band of all time and my main inspiration for playing music.  Songs from this album are always on my playlist and is a definite must-have for any reggae enthusiast.

BLACK UHURU - Tear It Up Live
This CD has a DVD accompaniment that also kicks ass.  It captures a show in the early 80's in London in the prime of the band when they had just won a Grammy and were doing world tours with bands like the Rolling Stones.  Sly and Robbie (drum and bass) put on a clinic on how to play live reggae on this disc.

EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Walking On A Dream
This band is from Australia and this is their debut album. It’s quite a departure from what I normally listen to but I’m really into this disc. Great up-tempo beats with great positive lyrics.  This album gets me psyched to surf or rock a show.

THE GORILLAZ - Plastic Beach
This is a really cool concept album that I like.  It has a really bizarre feel to it that helps give the album its edge. The beats hit hard and the lyrics are catchy.

BOB MARLEY - Catch A Fire
I learned how to play bass to this CD.  My neighbors below me in Isla Vista used to get so edgy because I would put this CD on repeat and play along with the bass-lines.  Definitely one of my favorites.

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