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Kevin (Sinizen) What's In Your Playlist?

#5 Seedless - "Twisted Roots"
I love these guys not only because they're my good buddies but they're level of talent and originality. I know these guys are going to blow up real soon. Twisted Roots is always in my rotation.

 #4 G-Love and The Special Sauce - "Philadelphonic"
Such an awesome record with amazing originality and soul. Always brings me back to high school. When you want to be uplifted and feel like life is great, smoke a fatty and put this on.

 #3 Die Antwoord - "$0$"
This is straight gangster!! Ninja is a genius! His rhyming style is straight loc'd out! and Yolandi Visser is hot!! She's got mad flava! One of the coolest records I've heard in awhile.

 #2 Avenged Sevenfold - "Nightmare"
First of all, RIP Jimmy Sullivan, this album (dedicated to the rev) gives me chills every time I hear it. These guys lost a brother and still pushed their way through the hard times and made a record with some of Jimmy's last songs he wrote. They are by far some of the most talented musicians in music. It will be on my playlist forever. Check out tracks "Fiction", "Buried Alive", and "So Far Away".

#1 The Black Keys - "Brothers"
Words cannot describe the feeling I got when I first heard this. Dan Auerbach's voice is the best voice I've heard in awhile. The lyrics are sick, the beats are off the hook and the songwriting is overwhelmingly amazing! I just want to hear more and more from them. Definitely my favorite band right now.



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