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Kash'd Out from Orlando, Florida has made a huge splash in the Reggae Rock scene the past few years and things are not slowing down anytime soon. They recently opened up shows on The Expendables Winter Tour with Ballyhoo! and easily gained tons of new fans with their incredible sound. Just last week Kash'd Out released their latest single, now music video, Weed Man with Edley Shine of Born Jamericans. With each new release their sound just gets better and better and I find it hard to stop myself from allowing their music to go on repeat all day. If you think I am lying just listen to their latest singles Good At Gettin' By, Give Back, and On and Off along with Weed Man (I will post them below). With everything the bands has going on from future tours, working on new album and festival gigs drummer Marshall Hearne was kind enough to give us a little insight to who he jams out to on the road.


John Mayer - Moving On and Getting Over
I use to hate on John Mayer when I was young. I just didn't get it. What the hell was I thinking? This track is off his latest album The Search for Everything and it has almost a Hip Hop vibe. "Moving on and getting over are not the same thing it seems to me." Mayer says in the in first line of the song. I hear ya, buddy. I hear ya. Of course it's sprinkled with John's typical bluesy riffing which comes so easy it's almost like he's not even trying. That tone! 
Pepper - Dry Spell
This is probably the first song from my boys I ever heard. I'm sure the beach cops heard this song as many times as I did cause I always had my windows down and this was blastin. They have lots of surfing references which really spoke to me. Solid beach jams. 
Roots of Creation - Fire on the Mountain 
Nothing like a cover of a classic that (for me) gets more plays than the original. Don't get me wrong, much respect to The Dead. I love playing all their songs when I get a chance but the upbeat feel and Marlon Asher belting out the lyrics just gets me so ampped! It's hard to not think of this version immediately when the song comes up. 
G. Love and the Special Sauce - You Shall See
This album caught my attention when I was fresh out my mommas house. It just screams summer to me and had been on my list a lot more recently. After all it's been summer in Florida. The fretless bass chords are dope and the upbeat vibes in the verse make me move. It's about the girl that you just had to cut loose. And that harmonica solo! What a jam.. 
The Skatalites - Rockfort Rock Live (Roots Party) 
The bass line in this jam hits so hard! The one drop with the kick variations.. Uhh! You can tell these guys are just having a fucking blast on stage. This instrumental has a ton of energy, great solos, and that hook that is instantly recognizable. I stumbled across this version when a Ska band I was filling in for mentioned we would be playing it. I'd jam it anytime. 

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