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Micah Pueschel What's In Your Playlist?

If you have ever wondered what albums your favorite artists have been listening to then be sure to check here frequently and often. Many artists throughout the scene will be giving us their top Artists/Albums that they are currently listening to. First on deck is Micah from Iration.

#5  Hours Eastly- Floridian Farrago and Vol. 2.
This band opened for us a couple years back in Florida and we were really impressed. Three piece with a great blend of reggae and rock. Songwriting is excellent as well as the guitar playing. Def a band we listen to quite a bit.
 #4 The Green- The Green
Great debut album from the Oahu boys. Driving beats thrown down by BW and Les along with stellar vocals from the rest of the guys. Dope stuff.

 #3 The Expendables- Prove It
I love this band because from a guitar standpoint no one in the genre does it better. Great songs, great riffs and great guys...except Raul. Jk
#2 Kings of Leon- Come Around Sundown
This album is def different from Only the Night but still an extremely good effort. Moody countryish rock from one of the best bands out there.
 #1 The Beatles- The White Album
I am a Beatles freak so they are always in my playlist. I have every album but at the moment reenjoying The White Album. 'Dear Prudence', 'Happiness is a Warm Gun', 'Honey Pie' some of my favorite songs of all time. Everyone should listen to this album at least 10 times.

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