Pacific Dub (Round 1)



Pacific Dub What's In Your Playlist?

Pacific Dubs David, Ryan, Sean, Bryce and Colton gave us the low down on who is in their current playlist. We will be starting off with David Delaney, Sean Rawlings, and Ryan Naglich. Next week we will have Bryce Klemer and Colton Place.


David Delaney What's In Your Playlist?

"The Minstrel Show" Little Brother
This has been my #1 album for a while now. A Soul/HipHop group made up of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, and Producer 9th Wonder. I love their smart, witty, sex-driven vocabulary & their mix of singing and rapping.


"Borgore's Most Hated" Borgore
This is my all time favorite Dubstep producer right now. It is so grimey and so offensive, that I cant help but roll up my windows and implode my ear drums. If you don't listen to Borgore, you don't listen to Dubstep.


"Press Play" Nessian N.I.N.E.

A new island reggae group I have been really into lately. They have really heavy basslines with roots rhythm. I especially love the R&B vibe I get from the multiple lead singers.


"The Grind Date" De La Soul
One of my long time favorite hip hop groups. De La has released more albums than I can count, and started making music before I was even born. But this album specifically, for me, is their absolute best. With help from such artists as Ghostface Killah and Common, these tracks are good from beginning to end.


Ryan Naglich What's In Your Playlist?

 "36 chambers" Wu Tang Clan
This is the album that got me into hip hop so rightfully this is my number one. Their knowledge and wit really intrigued me. Also there use of their on lingo caught my eye.


"De Loused in the Comatorium" The Mars Volt
I started to listen to Mars Volta a couple years back and this album was just incredible to me. The way they always are so sporadic but on time just amazed me.more from these guys!!


"Get Wiser" SOJA
SOJA is gnarly, they have such a good way in expressing whats right and wrong in this world its awesome and to say we've played with them and hung out with them makes me like this album and the band as a whole lot


"Enema of the State" Blink 182
Who doesn't like Blink, There like the quintessential band that you grew up with. There punk style was and still is awesome


"Sublime" Sublime
This album got big after Brad Knowell died and its went on to be one of the best albums of all time, and always wanna personally thank Sublime and Eric Wilson individually for being a huge influence with my bass playing



Sean Rawlings What's In Your Playlist?

 "Twisted Roots" Seedless
I should have listened to this when i first got it, good vibes throughout the album. Makes me wanna get up and get out of bed!


"Wake Up!"- The Roots with John Legend
Positive Vibes through the entire album. We gotta make a change peoples! Wake up everybody!! More from these guys!!


"Tha Chronic Mixtape" Wiz Khalifa
Smoke a blunt to this all day.


"All I Want Is You" Miguel
Also from San Pedro, Ca; Miguel is killing it with a dope cd to have on my itunes pillow talk playlist


"Doctors Advocate" The Game
I just like to keep it G every once in a while


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