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The Green What's In Your Playlist?

The Green's Zion, Caleb, Ikaika, and JP gave us the low down on who is in their current playlist. Last week we started off with Zion Thompson and Ikaika Antone. Next up will be JP Kennedy and Caleb Keolanui.


JP Kennedy What's In Your Playlist?

Bruno MarsDoo-Wops & Hooligans
This dude is taking over and his music has been in my ears for the most part of 2011... Great songwriter and producer, I am lucky to know this dude from our high-school days. I look forward to his future albums.

Nicki MinajPink Friday
A lyricist of the future. I am a Lil Wayne fan and discovered Nicki thru the Young Money camp. This is her debut album and it went Platinum in two months. Favorite cut is "Right Thru Me".

Rihanna  "Loud"

Another solid album from Rihanna, her production is dope… love listening to her stuff on a good BOSE system. She also chooses to work with great producers, who ensure the music is bumps and balances. I love artists who are consistently coming out with great tracks.


Caleb Keolanui What's In Your Playlist?

 Nas & Damian Jr. Gong Marley  "Distant Relatives"
I am a big fan of both these guys, so when I heard they made an album together, I went straight to buy it and as expected, it's fire!!! “Distant Relatives" has gotta be the best idea I've ever heard - take 2 lyrical geniuses and throw them in a studio and it’s guaranteed straight to the top of the charts, and that’s exactly what it is!! “Distant Relatives" is the #1 album on the Billboard reggae charts right now and has been for the past few months.

Rootikal Riddim
This band has been in my speakers since their first album "Inna Sufferahs Style" released in late 2009. I’m still jamming to their brand new album "Special Request" just released in Fall 2010!!! Siiiccckk Reggae vibes!!!! With such a heavy old school sound, you would never believe that it was all recorded on garage band. The man responsible, Artie Garcia, is a good friend of mine and the boy is talented!! We're definitely gonna hear a lot more from these guys!!

Mayer Hawthorne "A Strange Arrangement"
Found out about this guy at the end of 2009 and been listening to him through out all of 2010 and into the new year!! “A Strange Arrangement" is one of my favorite albums of all time. Not one song on that album will disappoint you!! Loaded with that old school Motown sound with lyrics of today!! So much originality and talent. I got to see him in concert at the March 2010 South by Southwest Music Festival and it was a sick show!!

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