Friday, 10 February 2012 14:57

Inna Vision Announce New Album Details


Hawaiian based band Inna Vision have released a sample of their upcoming EP "Zion Train" due out March 1 on Itunes as well as details for their upcoming full length. The full length album is titled "No Stopping" is due for a spring release.

Read below for more info from the band and the new album "No Stopping"

Inna Vision is back, presenting to the public their third full length album timelessly titled No Stopping! Their album delivers a full-fledged original sound that encompasses all the beauty involved with everyday struggles. No Stopping is created to inspire listeners in following dreams, and their passions despite life’s many challenges. Each song is chosen with purpose, created with passion, and presented with righteousness.
No Stopping has a positive holistic message that permeates the idea to keep striving. Inna Vision faced tough times in 2011 as the drastic falling-out of vocalist Bengali and saxophonist Jahson took occurrence. Despite the changes, the group continued with their 2011 Upliftment Tour playing in Oregon, Vegas, Utah, and the Hawai‘i Islands. The attitude Inna Vision adapted was: “no stopping”.
The 2011 Upliftment Tour developed an opportune space for the Inna Vision band, allowing them to reconnect with their fans and providing proof that they could pull through as one solid original sound. Fans traveled near and far to witness and partake in Inna Vision’s tour. Kokomon performed a double set while Pokimon and Kaya made up for lost saxophone melodies. Kamakoa sang background vocals and Calvi-dread held it down with prominent percussions. Inna Vision arose to the challenge with dignity and consciously focused on keeping the positive in every situation.
Life works in mysterious ways and as doors close others open up, changing dynamics and allowing for chance to build on foundation. David Bailey, who started with Inna Vision playing drums, guitar, and singing back in 2005, made his return helping push the band with his signature vocal harmonies and powerful stage presence. David Bailey was a big part of Inna Vision’s first album Music on my Mind. Also adding to the albums dynamics is bassist Kamakoa. As a growing artist, Kamakoa adds lead vocals on feature tracks “Bless Me” and “Beautiful,” and has two collaborations with Kokomon, “Solutions” and “Roots Daughtah.” Kamakoa recently released his first single, “Shacks and Shakas” under the InnaVision label getting recognition in Hawai‘i, Tahiti, Austrailia, USA, and France. Lead singer Kokomon continues to represent Polynesian roots and culture with his unique riddim attack and unmatchable flows. Kokomon gains recognition from albums such as: Music on my Mind, Ashes for your Urn, Koko meets Ooklah, Vaults, as well as recent collaborations with Josh Heinrichs, Mr. 83, Ooklah the Moc, Skank Records and Father Psalms Studio. This album will showcase the best in hard-core roots reggae and features Jamaican influences of Bob Marley, Jr. Reid, Barrington Levy, Jr. Gong, Hugh Mundell, Musical Youth, Half Pint and Michael Rose.
The outcome of this re-construction is a 13 track full length album rightfully titled, No Stopping. No Stopping is a representation of the band’s growth and maturity, and love for authentic reggae music. All members have grown in a level of superior musicianship, which you will be able to hear in the recordings and see in live performances. No Stopping was recorded at Cultural Vision Maui Studio, released under Inna Vision’s label Cultural Vision Maui and will be available world-wide in Spring 2012.

“In the realm of life anything can happen. The lesson learned is to adapt and be in control of your actions, attitude, and destiny. No matter what happens in every day life, time never stops and in the pursuit of happiness and sustainability there is No Stopping.”

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