New Music Video: Elementree - "Misinformer"


Produced by: Elementree & Scott Simms

Engineered by: Scott Simms of Halfspint

Music Video Shot by: Pexadixon Creations

AN EXERPT FROM REGGAEFESTIVALGUIDE.COM INTERVIEW WITH ELEMENTREE ABOUT HIS SINGLE MISINFORMER: "This is quite possibly my favorite song that I have written so far. It’s a reflection of what we have been seeing for the last couple of years as the amount of information online and in news media becomes over saturated. There is so much information out there readily available to us at all times and there is truth, lies and half-truths around every corner. This song is a warning to pay attention to where you are getting your information, using wisdom and discernment and doing valid research. Being mindful of political and corporate schemes no matter what your beliefs are."

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