Is it just me or whenever I see a picture of Passafire or hear something about the band I get the amazing intro/buildup from the song "Submersible" inside my head and then I just start getting a dancing feeling. If I am the only one I am fine with that cause quite frankly I can listen to that song a hundred times over and over. 

I have to admit I wonder if the band members actually have their own personal physical address because they seem to be on the road all the time. Who can blame them, their fan base is growing daily and they just gave California Roots Festival audience members the show to remember. High energy and nonstop movement is what you can always expect from Passafire

Fans just know the band will always line up a string of Summer Tour dates. This year a majority of it will be on the East Coast, a little different from last year when they were on The Warped Tour hitting every major city in the country East to West. Starting off in Isle of Palms, NC Passafire will make its way through 23 cities including Chicago, Greensboro, New York, Philadelphia and wrapping up with 4 dates in Florida with Rebelution and The Expendables.  

If you did not have any summer plans then you know at least one date that can be filled when Passafire comes to town. See a full list of the shows below