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Come Sunrise

Review by Don Borealis

'Come Sunrise’ by T.U.G.G.

Now that the wait is over, most T.U.G.G. fans would agree that it was not in vain. “Come Sunrise” is a solid L.P. with 13 tracks that flow from one to another.  The album’s genre is as hard to pin down as is that of the band that recorded it. Wisconsin band T.U.G.G. (the guys want you to know that it’s pronounced, ‘tug’) sounds like a blend of rock, reggae, surf-rock, & ska. Their newest album represents this span of musical styles while keeping an identity.

‘Don’t Go Downtown’, a surf-rock number, starts the album with a bang and really sets the tone for T.U.GG.’s July, 2010 release. This record definitely has an overall surf-rock-ska feel to it, but has grooving reggae tunes like ‘Bradley was a DJ’, ‘To Get Through’, & ‘Tacos with Dio’ is sort of a tripped-out dub-style track. Even with all the different styles represented in ‘Come Sunrise’, it maintains that flow from track to track that is so crucial for a good record.

The production quality of the record is top-notch. Mixing and mastering are great. T.U.G.G.  got with Brad Conyers (a.k.a. Brad Ziggen, drums & backing vocals for ‘The Ziggens’)to make “Come Sunrise”.    –“It just so happens that The Ziggens drummer and T.U.G.G. both call western Wisconsin home and after a chance meeting, they have teamed up to record Come Sunrise…”- tuggmusic.com

“Come Sunrise” has some guest appearances by Gordon, singer of Twin Cities, MN band Goulash. He sings on ‘Bradley was a DJ’ and ‘Lover’s Rock’. Also, no T.U.G.G. project would be complete without the sweet sax playing of Jim ‘Banana’ Piela, the bands ‘spliff-road manager-sound engineer’. Piela is all over this album, including a blistering solo on ‘Burn Bright’, an older T.U.G.G. tune from “The Stash” (2008), also-known-as “Burn Bright, Burn Fast”.

T.U.G.G.  fans shouldn’t be disappointed with this one.  It has good production, good performance, good songs…I wish these guys the best of luck and hope to see their live show soon.  Be sure to check out what T.U.G.G.’s up to on their website,  www.tuggmusic.com.

Review by Don Borealis

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