Thursday, 07 July 2011 20:00

Warped Tour Interviews


It was a hot day to say the least for Warped Tour 2011 in San Antonio, TX. You literally could feel your head cooking in the heat and if you didn't bring your sunblock then you looked like a red apple like myself the day after. But regardless of how hot it was out there Warped Tour 2011 was well worth it. The number of bands from the scene on this years festival was a credit to the hard work these bands have put in. We had the chance to cover the festival and grab interviews with a number of artists. Pepper, The Expendables, Passafire, The Aggrolites, Less Than Jake, and Big D and the Kids Table all gave us a few minutes out of the busy day to chat. Click on the pictures below to read each one.








Live Photo Credits: Michael Arocha & Erin Jones

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